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Mustad-R74NP-BR-(9672)-0006   Mustad R74-9672 Streamer Hooks [50/pack] - 18
Mustad-R74NP-BR-(9672)-0001   Mustad R74-9672 Streamer Hooks [50/pack] - 2
Mustad-R74NP-BR-(9674)   Mustad R74-9674 Streamer Hooks [50/pack]
Mustad-R74NP-BR-(9674)-0004   Mustad R74-9674 Streamer Hooks [50/pack] - 10
Mustad-R74NP-BR-(9674)-0001   Mustad R74-9674 Streamer Hooks [50/pack] - 2
Mustad-R74NP-BR-(9674)-0003   Mustad R74-9674 Streamer Hooks [50/pack] - 8
Mustad-R75NP-BR-(79580)   Mustad R75-79580 Streamer Hooks [100/pack]
Mustad-R75NP-BR-(79580)-0002   Mustad R75-79580 Streamer Hooks [100/pack] - 14
Mustad-R75NP-BR-(79580)-0003   Mustad R75-79580 Streamer Hooks [100/pack] - 16
Mustad-R75NP-BR-(79580)-0004   Mustad R75-79580 Streamer Hooks [100/pack] - 18
Mustad-R75NP-BR-(79580)-0001   Mustad R75-79580 Streamer Hooks [100/pack] - 2
Mustad-R79NP-BR-(94720)   Mustad R79-94720 Streamer Hooks [100/pack]
Mustad-R79NP-BR-(94720)-0002   Mustad R79-94720 Streamer Hooks [100/pack] - 4
Mustad-R79NP-BR-(94720)-0003   Mustad R79-94720 Streamer Hooks [100/pack] - 6
Mustad-R79NP-BR-(94720)-0004   Mustad R79-94720 Streamer Hooks [100/pack] - 8
Mustad-S82NP-BR-(3906B)-0001   Mustad S82-3906B Nymph, Spoat Hooks [100/pack] - 16
Mustad-SL73UNP-BN-(36890)-0010   Mustad SL73UNP-BN (36890) Salmon Single Hooks [100/pack] - 12
Mustad-SL73UNP-BN-(36890)-0008   Mustad SL73UNP-BN (36890) Salmon Single Hooks [100/pack] - 6
My-Beetle   My Beetle - RF-6347
Mysis-Shrimp-Tan   Mysis Shrimp Tan - RF-3510
Mysis-Shrimp-White   Mysis Shrimp White - RF-3511
bomber-natural-orange-hackle   Natural Bomber Orange Hackle White Head & Tail (Salmon Hook) - Rf-6102
Natural-Cluster-Egg   Natural Cluster Egg - RF-3597
Veil-Egg-Roe-and-Pale-Yellow   Natural Veil Egg Roe & Pale Yellow - RF-3566
needlefish-aqua-green   Needlefish Fly Aqua Green - RF-4928
needlefish-green   Needlefish Fly Green - RF-4929
tnff-hat-tan   New Fly Fisher Hat Tan Colour
tnff-hat-taupe   New Fly Fisher Hat Taupe Colour Weathered Look
Nuke-Egg-Lime-Maroon   Nuke Egg Lime Maroon - RF-3562
Nuke-Egg-Orange-Chartreuse   Nuke Egg Orange Chartreuse - RF-3611
Nuke-Egg-Pale-Yellow   Nuke Egg Pale Yellow - RF-3610
Nuke-Egg-Roe   Nuke Egg Roe - RF-3612
Nuke-Egg-Salmon   Nuke Egg Salmon - RF-3613
Nuke-Egg-White-Red   Nuke Egg White Red - RF-3614
Nuke-Egg-Yellow   Nuke Egg Yellow - RF-3620
olive-backed-baitfish   Olive Backed Baitfish - RF-7026
olive-braided-stonefly   Olive Braided Stonefly - RF-5437
olive-dancer   Olive Dancer - RF-7655
olive-double   Olive Double - Rf-6176
Olive-Dry-Red-Tip   Olive Dry Red Tip - RF-4014
olive-fb-mayfly-nymph   Olive Fb Mayfly Nymph - RF-4277
Olive-Legged-Emerger   Olive Legged Emerger - RF-4765
Olive-Permit-Crab   Olive Permit Crab - RF-4930
Olive-Reel-Egg-Sucking-Leech   Olive Reel Egg Sucking Leech - RF-2172
Olive-Shrimp   Olive Shrimp - RF-4959
olive-woven-emerger-parachute   Olive Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5479
olive-woven-nymph   Olive Woven Stonefly - Rf-5461
Olive-Yellow-Eye-Sculpin   Olive Yellow Eye Sculpin - RF-4728
Popper-Orange-Brown   Orange & Brown Popper - RF-7008
orange-blossum   Orange Blossum - Rf-6166
Orange-Cluster-Egg   Orange Cluster Egg - RF-3616
Orange-Cosseboom   Orange Cosseboom - RF-6224
Orange-Cray   Orange Cray - RF-4861
Orange-Fish-Hawk   Orange Fish Hawk - RF-6566
Orange-Ribbed-Dry   Orange Ribbed Dry - RF-4006
Oregon-Orange-Caddis   Oregon Orange Caddis - RF-2341
Ostrich-Scud   Ostrich Scud - RF-3513
Otter-Nymph   Otter Nymph - RF-4264
p-quad-peacock   P Quad Peacock - Rf-7187
Pale-Evening-Dun   Pale Evening Dun - RF-3983
Pale-Morning-Dun   Pale Morning Dun - RF-3984
Pale-Morning-Dun-CDC-Emerger   Pale Morning Dun CDC Emerger - RF-4265
Pale-Morning-Dun-Emerger   Pale Morning Dun Emerger - RF-4266
Pale-Morning-Dun-Parachute   Pale Morning Dun Parachute - RF-3985
Pale-Morning-Dun-Thorax   Pale Morning Dun Thorax - RF-3986
Pale-Watery-Dun   Pale Watery Dun - RF-3987
Panfish-Bug   Panfish Bug - RF-4971
Parachute-Caddis   Parachute Caddis - RF-2342
Parachute-Caddis-Black   Parachute Caddis Black - RF-2343
Parachute-Dry-Fly-Selection   Parachute Dry Fly Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7517
Parachute-HiViz-Adams   Parachute HiViz Adams - RF-3988
Parachute-HiViz-BWO   Parachute HiViz BWO - RF-3989
Parachute-HiViz-Callibaetis   Parachute HiViz Callibaetis - RF-3990
Parachute-HiViz-Grey-Olive   Parachute HiViz Grey Olive - RF-3991
Parachute-HiViz-Olive   Parachute HiViz Olive - RF-3992
Para-HiViz-Pale-Evening-Dun   Parachute HiViz Pale Evening Dun - RF-3993
Parachute-HiViz-PMD   Parachute HiViz PMD - RF-3994
Parachute-HiViz-Tannish-Yellow   Parachute HiViz Tannish Yellow - RF-3996
Parachute-HiViz-Trico-Female   Parachute HiViz Trico Female - RF-3997
Parachute-HiViz-Trico-Male   Parachute HiViz Trico Male - RF-3998
Parachute-Hopper   Parachute Hopper - RF-6348
Parachute-Hopper-Green   Parachute Hopper Green - RF-6349
Parachute-Hopper-Olive   Parachute Hopper Olive - RF-6350
Parachute-Hopper-Pale-Yellow   Parachute Hopper Pale Yellow - RF-6351
Parachute-Hopper-Tan   Parachute Hopper Tan - RF-6352
Parachute-Hopper-Yellow   Parachute Hopper Yellow - RF-6353
Parkany-Deer-Hair-Caddis   Parkany Deer Hair Caddis - RF-2344
Partridge-and-Green   Partridge and Green - RF-6569
Partridge-and-Orange   Partridge and Orange - RF-6570
Peacock-Caddis   Peacock Caddis - RF-2345
peacock-hairwing-variant   Peacock Hairwing Variant - Rf-6167
Peacock-Woolly-Bugger   Peacock Woolly Bugger - RF-2147
pearl-back-swimmer   Pearl Backswimmer - Rf-6376
Perch-Punch   Perch Punch - RF-4974
Perch-Punch-Variation   Perch Punch Variation - RF-4976
Pheasant-Tail-Black   Pheasant Tail Black - RF-4270
Pheasant-Tail-Dark-Brown   Pheasant Tail Dark Brown - RF-4271
Pheasant-Tail-Flashback   Pheasant Tail Flashback - RF-4272
Pheasant-Tail-Gnat   Pheasant Tail Gnat - RF-4526
Pheasant-Tail-Hopper   Pheasant Tail Hopper - RF-6365
Pheasant-Tail-Light-Brown   Pheasant Tail Light Brown - RF-4273
Pheasant-Tail-Nymph   Pheasant Tail Nymph - RF-4269
Pheasant-Tail-Olive   Pheasant Tail Olive - RF-4274
Pheasant-Tail-Olive-Flashback   Pheasant Tail Olive Flashback - RF-4275
Picket-Pin   Picket Pin - RF-6572
pike-slammer   Pike Slammer - RF-7023
Pink-Cahill   Pink Cahill - RF-3999
pink-candy-bugger   Pink Candy Bugger - RF-7609
Pink-Cluster-Egg   Pink Cluster Egg - RF-3596
Pink-Demon   Pink Demon - RF-2129
Reel-Egg-Pink-Leech   Pink Reel Egg Sucking Leech - RF-2169
Pink-Veil-Egg   Pink Veil Egg - RF-3565
platinum-shrimp   Platinum Shrimp - RF-4966
PM-Caddis   PM Caddis - RF-2347
PMD-Hairwing-Dun   PMD Hairwing Dun - RF-4001
pmx-brown   Pmx Brown - RF-6107
pmx-peacock   Pmx Peacock - RF-6106
Polar-White-Salmon-Fly   Polar White Salmon Fly - RF-6072
Poly-Caddis   Poly Caddis - RF-2348
popper-red-white   Popper Fly Red White - RF-6949
Popsycle-Bk-Ol-Ye   Popsycle Black Olive Yellow - RF-5902
Popsycle-Bk-Pr-Pk   Popsycle Black Purple Pink - RF-5901
Popsycle-Black-White   Popsycle Black White - RF-5903
Popsycle-Pk-Or-Bk   Popsycle Pink Orange Black - RF-5900
Popsycle-Purple-Pink-Orange   Popsycle Purple Pink Orange - RF-5904
Pot-Bellied-Pig-Black   Pot Bellied Pig Black - RF-5930
Pot-Bellied-Pig-Black-Yellow   Pot Bellied Pig Black Yellow - RF-5931
Pot-Belly-Pig-Brown   Pot Belly Pig Brown - RF-5932
Pot-Belly-Pig-Red-Yellow   Pot Belly Pig Red Yellow - RF-5933
Prince-Nymph   Prince Nymph - RF-5345
Prince-Nymph-Peacock-Flashback   Prince Nymph Peacock Flash Back - RF-5348
psycho-caddis-tan   Psycho Caddis Tan - RF-9865
psycho-foam-dragon-black   Psycho Foam Dragon Black - Rf-6400
Psycho-Foam-Dragon-Chartreuse   Psycho Foam Dragon Chartreuse - RF-6393
Psycho-Foam-Dragon-Pink   Psycho Foam Dragon Pink - RF-6394
Psycho-Foam-Dragon-Tan-Brown   Psycho Foam Dragon Tan Brown - RF-6395
psycho-prince-nymph   Psycho Prince Nymph - RF-1809
psycho-san-juan-orange   Psycho San Juan Worm Orange - RF-3631
psycho-san-juan-pink   Psycho San Juan Worm Pink - RF-3632
psycho-san-juan-red   Psycho San Juan Worm Red - RF-3633
psycho-stonefly-blue   Psycho Stonefly Blue - RF-1923
psycho-stonefly-chartreuse   Psycho Stonefly Chartreuse - RF-1926
psycho-stonefly-orange   Psycho Stonefly Orange - RF-1925
psycho-stonefly-pink   Psycho Stonefly Pink - RF-1924
pumpkin-head   Pumpkin Head - Rf-7270
Purple-Double-Bunny   Purple Double Bunny - RF-5847
purple-haze-parachute   Purple Haze Parachute - RF-3959
Reel-Egg-Purple-Leech   Purple Reel Egg Sucking Leech - RF-2168
Quigley-Cripple-Brown-Drake   Quigley Cripple Brown Drake - RF-4750
Quigley-Cripple-Dun   Quigley Cripple Dun - RF-4751
Quigley-Cripple-Green-Drake   Quigley Cripple Green Drake - RF-4752
Quigley-Cripple-Hendrickson   Quigley Cripple Hendrickson - RF-4753
Quigley-Cripple-Hexagenia   Quigley Cripple Hexagenia - RF-4754
Quigley-Cripple-Mayfly   Quigley Cripple Mayfly - RF-4755
Quigley-Cripple-Olive   Quigley Cripple Olive - RF-4756
Quigley-Cripple-PMD   Quigley Cripple PMD - RF-4757
Quigley-Cripple-Variant   Quigley Cripple Variant - RF-4758
Quill-Gordon   Quill Gordon - RF-4003
Rabbit-Leech-Black   Rabbit Leech Black - RF-2149
Rainbow-Doctor   Rainbow Doctor - RF-6230
dh-golden-woven-stone   Rainbow Head Rh Amber Woven Stonefly - Rf-5440
dh-black-woven-stone   Rainbow Head Rh Black Woven Stonefly Rf-5439
dh-olive-woven-stone   Rainbow Head Rh Olive Woven Stonefly - Rf-5438
Rat   Rat - RF-7001
Rat-Face-McDougal   Rat Face McDougal - RF-3127
foam-hopper-brown-grey   Realistic Tan Brown Foam Hopper - Rf-6370
red-bead-nymph   Red Bead Nymph - RF-1515
Red-Charm   Red Charm - RF-6247
Red-Cosseboom   Red Cosseboom - RF-6225
p-quad-red-glass-bead   Red Glass Bead Crystal P-Quad - Rf-7272
gb-sparkle-leech-chartreuse   Red Glass Bead Sparkle Leech Chartreuse - Rf-2191
gb-sparkle-leech-white   Red Glass Bead Sparkle Leech White - Rf-2192
Red-Hackle   Red Hackle - RF-6576
Red-Quill   Red Quill - RF-4004
Red-Squirrel-Soft-Hackle   Red Squirrel Soft hackle Nymph - RF-6602
Red-Tailed-Marabou-Leech   Red Tailed Marabou Leech - RF-2194
Red-Veil-Egg   Red Veil Egg - RF-3568
Red-Whistler-Pike-Fly   Red Whistler Pike Fly - RF-7017
Red-White-Bunny-Pike-Fly   Red White Bunny Pike Fly - RF-7015
Red-Yellow-Deceiver   Red Yellow Deceiver - RF-4934
Reel-Bleeding-Mackerel-Tube   Reel Bleeding Mackerel Tube - RF-7019
reel-egg-nuke   Reel Egg Nuke - Rf-7199
reel-egg-yellow-leech   Reel Egg Yellow Leech - RF-2094
RL-DBH-Gold-Stonefly   Reel Golden Stonefly Double Bead Head - RF-1919
Reel-Hexagenia-Nymph   Reel Hexagenia Nymph - RF-4276
reel-mahogany-nymph   Reel Mahogany Nymph - Rf-9385
reel-royal-stimulator   Reel Royal Stimulator - Rf-6104
Reel-Stimulator-Orange   Reel Stimulator Orange - RF-5519
DBH-Black-Biot-Stonefly   Reel Stone Double Bead Head Black Biot Stonefly - RF 1915
Reel-Stone   Reel Stone Natural Double Bead Head - RF-1917
Tarantula-Stonefly   Reel Tarantula Stonefly - RF-8000
reel-tarantula-stoneyfly-white   Reel Tarantula Stoneyfly White - RF-7998
Reel-Tiger-Perch-Tube   Reel Tiger Perch Tube - RF-7021
reel-x-factor-black   Reel X Factor Black - Rf-6115
reel-x-factor-olive   Reel X Factor Olive - Rf-6118
reel-x-factor-orange   Reel X Factor Orange - Rf-6121
reel-x-factor-tan-hopper   Reel X Factor Tan Hopper - Rf-6116
reel-x-factor-yellow   Reel X Factor Yellow - Rf-6119
Reel-Hex-Nymph   Reel-Hex Nymph - RF-7120
Reelcray-Brown   ReelCray Brown Crayfish - RF-4862

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