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Green-Wing-Butterfly   Green Wing Butterfly - RF-6213
Greenwells-Glory   Greenwells Glory - RF-6607
grey-dun-woven-nymph   Grey Dun Woven Stonefly - Rf-5444
Grey-Fox   Grey Fox - RF-3955
Grey-Ghost-Spey   Grey Ghost Spey - RF-5819
Grey-Quill   Grey Quill - RF-3956
grey-woven-emerger-parachute   Grey Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5480
Grey-Wulff   Grey Wulff - RF-3109
gripe-chartreuse   Gripe Chartreuse - RF-4999
gripe-white   Gripe White - RF-4998
Grizzley-Bugger   Grizzley Bugger - RF-2119
Grizzly-Deceiver   Grizzly Deceiver - RF-4941
Grizzly-Hackle-Peacock   Grizzly Hackle Peacock - RF-6605
Grizzly-King   Grizzly King - RF-6005
Grizzly-Wulff   Grizzly Wulff - RF-3110
Grouse-and-Orange   Grouse and Orange - RF-6548
h-l-variant   H&L Variant - Rf-3899
Hairwing-Caddis   Hairwing Caddis - RF-2335
Hairwing-Dun   Hairwing Dun - RF-3958
hairy-hopper   Hairy Hopper - RF-6396
Hairy-Mary   Hairy Mary - RF-6006
Half-Back   Half Back - RF-5329
Hamil-Killer-Top-Wing   Hamil Killer Top Wing - RF-6502
Hamills-Killer   Hamill's Killer - RF-6501
Hares-Ear   Hare's Ear - RF-3700
Hares-Ear-Black   Hare's Ear Black - RF-3701
Hares-Ear-Cream   Hare's Ear Cream - RF-3702
Hares-Ear-Flash-Back   Hare's Ear Flash Back - RF-3703
Hares-Ear-Gold-Ribbed   Hare's Ear Gold Ribbed - RF-3704
Hares-Ear-Grey   Hare's Ear Grey - RF-3705
Hares-Ear-Natural-Wet   Hare's Ear Natural Wet - RF-6549
Hares-Ear-Olive   Hare's Ear Olive - RF-3706
Hares-Ear-Olive-Flashback   Hare's Ear Olive Flashback - RF-3707
Hares-Ear-Olive-RL   Hare's Ear Olive RL - RF-3708
Hares-Ear-Parachute   Hare's Ear Parachute - RF-3111
Hares-Ear-Pheasant-Tail-FB   Hare's Ear Pheasant Tail Flashback - RF-3709
Hares-Ear-Rubber-Legs   Hare's Ear Rubber Legs - RF-3710
Hares-Ear-Selection   Hares Ear Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7510
hares-ear-stonefly   Hares Ear Stonefly - RF-5643
Hatchmaster   Hatchmaster - RF-3960
Hellgrammite-Black   Hellgrammite Black - RF-5332
Hellgrammite-Brown   Hellgrammite Brown - RF-5333
Hendrickson-Cripple   Hendrickson Cripple - RF-3921
Hexagenia-Nymph-Olive-Black   Hexagenia Nymph Olive - Black - RF-4247
Hexagenia-Nymph-Yellow-Black   Hexagenia Nymph Yellow - Black - RF-4248
Hoppers-and-Crickets-Selection   Hoppers and Crickets Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7511
Hornberg   Hornberg - RF-6504
Hot-Glue-Reel-Egg-Triple   Hot Glue Reel Egg Triple - RF-7098
Humpy-Adams   Humpy Adams - RF-3112
Humpy-and-Wulff-Fly-Selection   Humpy and Wulff Fly Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7512
Humpy-Black   Humpy Black - RF-3113
Humpy-Brown   Humpy Brown - RF-3114
Humpy-Chartreuse   Humpy Chartreuse - RF-3115
Humpy-Double-Green   Humpy Double Green - RF-3116
Humpy-Double-Orange   Humpy Double Orange - RF-3117
humpy-double-red   Humpy Double Red - RF-3117B
Humpy-Double-Royal   Humpy Double Royal - RF-3118
Humpy-Double-Yellow   Humpy Double Yellow - RF-3119
Humpy-Fl-Green   Humpy Fl Green - RF-3120
Humpy-Green   Humpy Green - RF-3121
Humpy-Olive   Humpy Olive - RF-3122
Humpy-Orange   Humpy Orange - RF-3123
Humpy-Red   Humpy Red - RF-3124
Humpy-Royal-Yellow   Humpy Royal Yellow - RF-3125
Humpy-Yellow   Humpy Yellow - RF-3126
ice-minnow   Ice Minnow - Rf-1026
Idaho-Nymph   Idaho Nymph - RF-5614
Improved-Golden-Stone   Improved Golden Stone - RF-5509
Improved-Sofa-Pillow-Orange   Improved Sofa Pillow Orange - RF-5510
Improved-Sofa-Pillow-Yellow   Improved Sofa Pillow Yellow - RF-5511
Inchworm   Inchworm - RF6334
Iron-Blue-Wingless   Iron Blue Wingless - RF-6552
Janssen-Damsel-Variation   Jansen Damsel Variation - RF-3339
Janssens-Damsel   Janssen's Damsel - RF-3318
Janssens-Minnow-Rainbow   Janssen's Minnow Rainbow - RF-5824
Janssens-Rainbow-Brown-Trout   Janssen's Rainbow Brown Trout - RF-5825
Janssens-Threadfin-Shad   Janssen's Threadfin Shad - RF5826
Japanese-Beetle   Japanese Beetle - RF-5371
Jig-Head-Black-Chartreuse   Jig Head Black Chartreuse - RF-2185
Jig-Head-Olive-Black   Jig Head Olive Black - RF-2182
Jig-Head-Purple-Pink   Jig Head Purple Pink - RF-2181
Jig-Head-Tan-Olive   Jig Head Tan Olive - RF-2184
Jig-Head-White   Jig Head White - RF-2179
Jig-Head-Yellow-Brown   Jig Head Yellow Brown - RF-2186
Joes-Hopper   Joe's Hopper - RF-6337
Kaufmann-Hares-Ear-Olive   Kaufmann Hares Ear Olive - RF-4252
Kaufmann-Black-Stone-RL-Nymph   Kaufmann's Black Stone Rubber Legs Nymph - RF-5616
Kaufmann-Black-Stonefly-Nymph   Kaufmann's Black Stonefly Nymph - RF-5615
Kaufmann-Brown-Stone-Nymph   Kaufmann's Brown Stone Nymph - RF-5617
Kaufmann-Brown-Stone-RL   Kaufmann's Brown Stone Rubber Legs Nymph - RF-5618
Kaufmann-Golden-Stone-Nymph   Kaufmann's Golden Stone Nymph - RF-5619
Kaufmanns-Hares-Ear-Black   Kaufmann's Hare's Ear Black - RF-4250
Kaufmanns-Hares-Ear-Brown   Kaufmann's Hare's Ear Brown - RF-4251
Kaufmann-Stone-Golden-RL   Kaufmann's Stone Golden - Rubber Leg - RF-5620
Kaufmann-Stone-Olive   Kaufmann's Stone Olive - RF-5621
Kennebago-Spey   Kennebago Spey - RF-5827
Killer-Whisker-Blue   Killer Whisker Blue - RF-6189
Killer-Whisker-Blue-Green   Killer Whisker Blue Green - RF-6190
Killer-Whisker-Green   Killer Whisker Green - RF-6184
Killer-Whisker-Green-Chart   Killer Whisker Green Chartreuse - RF-6191
Killer-Whisker-Grizzly   Killer Whisker Grizzly - RF-6183
Killer-Whisker-Grizzly-Green   Killer Whisker Grizzly Green - RF-6192
Killer-Whisker-Natural   Killer Whisker Natural - RF-6182
Killer-Whisker-Olive   Killer Whisker Olive - RF-6193
Killer-Whisker-Olive-Chart   Killer Whisker Olive Chartreuse - RF-6194
Killer-Whisker-Orange   Killer Whisker Orange - RF-6186
Killer-Whisker-Orange-Green   Killer Whisker Orange Green - RF-6185
killer-whisker-tan   Killer Whisker Tan - RF-6178
Killer-Whisker-White   Killer Whisker White - RF-6187
Killer-Whisker-White-Green   Killer Whisker White Green - RF-6188
Killer-Whisker-Yellow   Killer Whisker Yellow - RF-6195
Killer-Whisker-Yellow-Green   Killer Whisker Yellow Green - RF-6196
Kings-River-Caddis   Kings River Caddis - RF-2338
Klinkhammer-Black   Klinkhammer Black - RF-2531
Klinkhammer-Brown   Klinkhammer Brown - RF-2532
Klinkhammer-Claret   Klinkhammer Claret - RF-2533
Klinkhammer-Cream   Klinkhammer Cream - RF-2534
Klinkhammer-Hares-Ear   Klinkhammer Hare's Ear - RF-2535
Klinkhammer-Natural   Klinkhammer Natural - RF-2536
Klinkhammer-Olive   Klinkhammer Olive - RF-2537
Klinkhammer-Pale-Morning-Dun   Klinkhammer Pale Morning Dun - RF-2538
Klinkhammer-Peacock   Klinkhammer Peacock - RF-2539
Klinkhammer-Pheasant-Tail   Klinkhammer Pheasant Tail - RF-2540
Klinkhammer-Red   Klinkhammer Red - RF-2541
Klinkhammer-Selection   Klinkhammer Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7513
Klinkhammer-White   Klinkhammer White - RF-2542
Knotted-Midge   Knotted Midge - RF-4527
Krystal-Bloodline-Chartreuse   Krystal Bloodline Chartreuse - RF-3588
Krystal-Bloodline-Pale-Yellow   Krystal Bloodline Pale Yellow - RF-3591
Krystal-Bloodline-Pink   Krystal Bloodline Pink - RF-3590
krystal-bloodline-red   Krystal Bloodline Red - RF-3570
Krystal-Bloodline-Roe   Krystal Bloodline Roe - RF-3589
Krystal-Bugger-Black   Krystal Bugger Black - RF-2122
Krystal-Bugger-Brown   Krystal Bugger Brown - RF-2123
Krystal-Bugger-Maroon   Krystal Bugger Maroon - RF-2124
Krystal-Bugger-Olive   Krystal Bugger Olive - RF-2125
Krystal-Bugger-Purple   Krystal Bugger Purple - RF-2126
Krystal-Bugger-White   Krystal Bugger White - RF-2127
Krystal-Bugger-Yellow   Krystal Bugger Yellow - RF-2128
Krystal-Buggers-Fly-Selection   Krystal Buggers Fly Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7514
Krystal-Egg-Chartreuse   Krystal Egg Chartreuse - RF-3561
Krystal-Egg-Olive   Krystal Egg Olive - RF-3564
Krystal-Egg-Roe   Krystal Egg Roe - RF-3560
Krystal-Flash-Muddler-Black   Krystal Flash Muddler Black - RF-4702
Krystal-Flash-Muddler-Olive   Krystal Flash Muddler Olive - RF-4703
Krystal-Flash-Olive-Nymph   Krystal Flash Olive Nymph - RF-4217
Krystal-Flash-Pupa   Krystal Flash Pupa - RF-2545
Krystal-Spinner   Krystal Spinner - RF-3963
Krystal-Sucker-Spawn-Green   Krystal Sucker Spawn Green - RF-3586
Krystal-Sucker-Spawn-Yellow   Krystal Sucker Spawn Yellow - RF-3585
Krystal-Veil-Burgundy-Egg   Krystal Veil Burgundy Egg - RF-3563
Krystal-Veil-Cluster-Egg-Green   Krystal Veil Cluster Egg Green - RF-3594
Lady-Carolina   Lady Carolina - RF-6015
fly-box-large-triple   Large High Capacity Fly Box with FREE Microslit Foam Swing Leaf Insert - RF9504
large-waterproof-fly-box   Large Waterproof Double Sided Fly Box - RF9512
Latex-Caddis   Latex Caddis - RF-2548
Lawsons-Green-Drake   Lawson's Green Drake - RF-4255
Laxa-Blue   Laxa Blue - RF-6233
Leeches-Selection   Leeches Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7515
leftys-deceiver   Leftys Deceiver - RF-4936
Leisenring-Black-Gnat   Leisenring Black Gnat - RF-6553
Letort-Hopper   Letort Hopper - RF-6339
Light-Cahill   Light Cahill - RF-3965
Light-Cahill-Nymph   Light Cahill Nymph - RF-4210
Light-Cahill-Parachute   Light Cahill Parachute - RF-3966
Light-Cahill-Spinner   Light Cahill Spinner - RF-3967
Light-Cahill-Variation   Light Cahill Variation - RF-4209
Light-Hendrickson   Light Hendrickson - RF-3968
Light-Spruce   Light Spruce - RF-5828
Lingrens-Olive-Nymph   Lingren's Olive Nymph - RF-4257
Little-Brown-Stone   Little Brown Stone - RF-5513
Little-Marryatt-Harewing   Little Marryatt Harewing- RF-4000
Little-Maryatt   Little Maryatt - RF-3969
Little-Olive-Dun   Little Olive Dun - RF-3970
Little-Sulpher-Dun   Little Sulpher Dun - RF-3971
Little-Yellow-Stone   Little Yellow Stone - RF-5514
Little-Yellow-Stone-Nymph   Little Yellow Stone Nymph - RF-5623
Longtail-March-Brown   Longtail March Brown - RF-4258
Loop-Wing-Dun   Loop Wing Dun - RF-4015
LoopWing-Blue-Dun   LoopWing Blue Dun - RF-3972
LoopWing-March-Brown   LoopWing March Brown - RF-3973
Madam-X-Chartreuse   Madam X Chartreuse - RF-6341
Madam-X-Hopper   Madam X Hopper - RF-6342
Madam-X-Olive   Madam X Olive - RF-6343
Madam-X-Orange   Madam X Orange - RF-6344
Madam-X-Yellow   Madam X Yellow - RF-6345
Magog-Smelt   Magog Smelt - RF-5830
Mahogany-Comparadun   Mahogany Comparadun - RF-3920
Mahogany-Dun-Thorax   Mahogany Dun Thorax - RF-3974
mahogany-march-brown   Mahogany March Brown - RF-3924
mahogany-march-brown-ext   Mahogany March Brown Ext - RF-3912
chartreuse-mallard-flank   Mallard Duck Flank Feathers Chartreuse- RF-13004
gold-mallard-flank   Mallard Duck Flank Feathers Gold - RF-13005
tan-mallard-flank   Mallard Duck Flank Feathers Tan - RF-13003
Marabou-Leech-Black   Marabou Leech Black - RF-2130
Marabou-Leech-Slate-Grey   Marabou Leech Slate Grey - RF-2131
Marabou-Nymph   Marabou Nymph - RF-4259
marabou-thunder-creek   Marabou Thunder Creek - RF-5844
March-Brown   March Brown - RF-3976
March-Brown-Emerger   March Brown Emerger - RF-6558

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