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Diving-Caddis-Olive   Diving Caddis Olive - RF-2519
Diving-Caddis-Tan   Diving Caddis Tan - RF-2520
Doc-Spratley-Black   Doc Spratley Black - RF-3850
Doc-Spratley-Dark-Green   Doc Spratley Dark Green - RF-3851
Doc-Spratley-Light-Green   Doc Spratley Light Green - RF-3854
Doc-Spratley-Olive   Doc Spratley Olive - RF-3852
Doc-Spratley-Red   Doc Spratley Red - RF-3853
dolly-llamma-chartreuse   Dolly Llamma Chartreuse - RF-7031
dolly-llamma-olive   Dolly Llamma Olive - RF-7032
dolly-llamma-perch   Dolly Llamma Perch - RF-7030
dolly-llamma-pink-barred   Dolly Llamma Pink Barred - RF-7033
DBH-Golden-Biot-Stonefly   Double Bead Head Golden Biot Stonefly - RF 1920
Double-Bunnies-Black-Grey   Double Bunnies Black and Grey - RF-5850
Double-Bunnies-Pink   Double Bunnies Bright Pink - RF-5852
Double-Bunnies-Purple-Black   Double Bunnies Purple and Black - RF-5851
Double-Bunny-Black-Grizzly   Double Bunny Black Grizzly - RF-5854
Double-Bunny-Black-Olive   Double Bunny Black Olive - RF-5853
double-bunny-olive-white   Double Bunny Olive & White - Rf-5859
Double-Bunny-White-Grizzly   Double Bunny White Grizzly - RF-5849
Double-Bunny-Yellow-Olive   Double Bunny Yellow Olive - RF-5848
Dougs-Damsel   Doug's Damsel - RF-3308
Dry-Fly-Selection   Dry Fly Selection - 14 Flies - RF-7508
black-dubbing   Dubbing Black - RF-13000
claret-dubbing   Dubbing Bright Claret - RF-13001
orange-dubbing   Dubbing Bright Orange - RF-13002
gold-dubbing   Dubbing Gold - RF-13006
duckndiver-black   Duckndiver Black - RF-6965
duckndiver-sunburst   Duckndiver Sunburst - RF-6966
duckndiver-yellow   Duckndiver Yellow - RF-6967
Dun-Caddis   Dun Caddis - RF-2320
Dutot-Blue-Charm   Dutot Blue Charm - RF-6007
dynamite-stone-olive   Dynamite Stonefly Nymph Olive - RF-5446
Early-Brown-Stone   Early Brown Stone - RF-6539
Early-Brown-Stone-Nymph   Early Brown Stone Nymph - RF-5611
East-River-Special   East River Special - RF-6234
Eelworm-Leech   Eelworm Leech - RF-2177
Egg-Laying-Calineuria   Egg Laying Calineuria - RF-5505
Egg-Laying-Pteronarcys   Egg Laying Pteronarcys - RF-5506
Egg-Selection   Egg Selection - 12 Eggs - RF-7509
Egg-Sucking-Leech-Black-Orange   Egg Sucking Leech Black - Orange Head - RF-2103
Egg-Sucking-Leech-Black-Pink   Egg Sucking Leech Black - Pink - RF-2104
Egg-Sucking-Leech-Black-Red   Egg Sucking Leech Black - Red - RF-2105
Egg-Sucking-Leech-Bk-Ora-Epoxi   Egg Sucking Leech Black-Orange Epoxi - RF-2102
Egg-Sucking-Leech-Chartreuse   Egg Sucking Leech Chartreuse - RF-2100
Egg-Sucking-Leech-Purple-Pink   Egg Sucking Leech Purple - Hot Pink Head - RF-2107
Egg-Sucking-Leech-Purple-O   Egg Sucking Leech Purple - Orange Head - RF-2108
Egg-Sucking-Leech-Pur-Or-Epoxi   Egg Sucking Leech Purple-Orange Epoxi - RF-2106
egg-sucking-stinger-chart   Egg Sucking Stinger Chartreuse - Rf-2097
egg-sucking-stinger-orange   Egg Sucking Stinger Orange - Rf-2096
egg-sucking-stinger-pink   Egg Sucking Stinger Pink - Rf-2098
Elk-Hair-Adams-Parachute   Elk Hair Adams Parachute - RF-3909
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Black   Elk Hair Caddis Black - RF-2322
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Brown   Elk Hair Caddis Brown - RF-2323
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Dark-Brown   Elk Hair Caddis Dark Brown - RF-2324
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Dun   Elk Hair Caddis Dun - RF-2325
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Grey   Elk Hair Caddis Grey - RF-2326
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Olive   Elk Hair Caddis Olive - RF-2327
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Parachute   Elk Hair Caddis Parachute - RF-2371
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Peacock   Elk Hair Caddis Peacock - RF-2328
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Tan   Elk Hair Caddis Tan - RF-2329
Elk-Hair-Caddis-Yellow   Elk Hair Caddis Yellow - RF-2330
Elk-Hopper   Elk Hopper - RF-6327
Elk-Wing-Emerger-Green   Elk Wing Emerger Green - RF-4234
Elk-Wing-Emerger-Olive   Elk Wing Emerger Olive - RF-4235
Ellie-Belly-Epoxi-Minnow   Ellie Belly Epoxi Minnow - RF-2178
emerald-beetle   Emerald Beetle - RF-4510
emerald-caddis   Emerald Caddis - RF-2367
Emergent-Sparkle-Pupa-Ginger   Emergent Sparkle Pupa Ginger - RF-2512
Emergent-Sparkle-Pupa-Green   Emergent Sparkle Pupa Green - RF-2523
Emergent-Sparkle-Pupa-Grey   Emergent Sparkle Pupa Grey - RF-2524
Epoxi-Crayfish   Epoxi Crayfish - RF-4860
Extended-Pale-Morning-Dun   Extended Pale Morning Dun - RF-3946
Extended-Green-Drake-Parachute   Extented Green Drake Parachute - RF-3953
Eyed-Damsel   Eyed Damsel - RF-3309
Fat-Albert   Fat Albert - RF-6354
fat-head-baitfish-black   Fat Head Baitfish Black - RF-7045
fat-head-baitfish-orange   Fat Head Baitfish Orange - RF-7047
fat-head-baitfish-red   Fat Head Baitfish Red - RF-7048
February-Red-Soft-Hackle   February Red Soft Hackle - RF-6540
Filo-Pupa-Caddis   Filo Pupa Caddis - RF-2525
Filoplume-Damsel   Filoplume Damsel - RF-3310
Filoplume-Leech-Black   Filoplume Leech Black - RF-2109
Filoplume-Leech-Brown   Filoplume Leech Brown - RF-2110
fire-cracker-damsel   Fire Cracker Damsel - RF-3296
Fire-Sulphur-Parachute   Fire Sulphur Parachute - RF-4026
fishmask-rust-crawdad   Fishmask Rust Crawdad - RF-7610
fishskull-red-devil   Fishskull Red Devil - RF-7651
fishskull-red-devil-split-tail   Fishskull Red Devil Split Tail - RF-7650
Flash-Marabou-Leech   Flash Marabou Leech - RF-2111
Flashabugger-Black   Flashabugger Black - RF-2112
Flashabugger-Burgundy   Flashabugger Burgundy - RF-2113
Flashabugger-Olive   Flashabugger Olive - RF-2114
Flashabugger-Peacock   Flashabugger Peacock - RF-2115
Flashabugger-Purple   Flashabugger Purple - RF-2116
Flashy-Bugger   Flashy Bugger - RF-2117
Flashy-Hex-Nymph   Flashy Hex Nymph - RF-4253
Flat-Wing-Caddis   Flat Wing Caddis - RF-2331
Flesh-Fly   Flesh Fly - RF-5815
Flesh-Fly-Orange-Head-White   Flesh Fly Egg Sucking Orange Glo Bug Head & White Body - RF-5815f
Flesh-Fly-Pink-Head-White-Body   Flesh Fly Egg Sucking Pink Glo Bug Head & White Body - RF-5815g
Flesh-Fly-Light-Salmon-Pink   Flesh Fly Light Salmon Pink - RF-5815b
Flesh-Fly-Olive   Flesh Fly Olive - RF-5815h
Flesh-Fly-Olive-Yellow-Body   Flesh Fly Olive & Yellow Body - RF-5815c
Flesh-Fly-Olive-Black-Body   Flesh Fly Olive Black Body RF-5815e
Flesh-Fly-Orange-Red-Body   Flesh Fly Orange & Red Body - RF-5815d
Flicks-March-Brown   Flick's March Brown - RF-3949
Fluorescent-Green   Fluorescent Green - RF-6541
Fluttering-Caddis-Black   Fluttering Caddis Black - RF-2332
Fluttering-Caddis-Ginger   Fluttering Caddis Ginger - RF-2333
Fluttering-Stone   Fluttering Stone - RF-5507
fly-box-large   Fly Box for Larger Flies Single Sided with Waterproof Clear Top Lid - RF9500
Large-Compartment   Fly Box Large Capacity Micro Slit & Compartment Waterproof - RF9502
Medium-Double   Fly Box Large Capacity Slit Foam Double Sided with Clear Plastic Waterproof Lids - RF9503
fly-box-large-double   Fly Box XL Large Capacity Double Sided with Clear Plastic Waterproof Lids - RF9505
Large-Double-Rippled   Fly Box XL Large Capacity Rippled Foam Double Sided with Clear Plastic Waterproof Lids - RF9501
Fly-Tying-Capes-5-Pack   Fly-Tying-Capes-5-Pack
Flying-Black-Ant   Flying Ant Black - RF-6360
flying-foam-beetle-black   Flying Foam Beetle Black - RF-4508
flying-foam-beetle-brown   Flying Foam Beetle Brown - RF-4509
Foam-Hex-Dry   Foam Hex Dry - RF-4650
Foam-Hex-Para   Foam Hex Parachute - RF-4651
Foam-Hopper-Black-Orange   Foam Hopper Black Orange - RF-6361
Foam-Hopper-Green   Foam Hopper Green - RF-6328
Foam-Hopper-Green-Orange   Foam Hopper Green Orange - RF-6362
Foam-Hopper-Green-Yellow   Foam Hopper Green Yellow - RF-6364
Foam-Hopper-Orange-Brown   Foam Hopper Orange Brown - RF-6363
Frog-Bass-Bug   Frog Bass Bug - RF-7006
Fuzzy-Brown-Leech   Fuzzy Brown Leech - RF-2118
fuzzy-clouser   Fuzzy Clouser - RF-4923
Gammarus-Hyalella-Scud-Olive   Gammarus Hyalella Scud Olive - RF-3502
gammarus-hyalella-scud-tan   Gammarus Hyalella Scud Tan - RF-3503
GB-Sparkle-Leech-Black   GB Sparkle Leech Black - RF-2187
GB-Sparkle-Leech-Olive   GB Sparkle Leech Olive - RF-2188
GB-Sparkle-Leech-Purple   GB Sparkle Leech Purple - RF-2189
GB-Sparkle-Leech-Red   GB Sparkle Leech Red - RF-2190
General-Practitioner   General Practitioner - RF-6017
Gierach-Dragon   Gierach Dragon - RF-3317
Ginger-Quill   Ginger Quill - RF-3950
ginger-quill-ext   Ginger Quill Extended Body - RF-3923
Ginger-Quill-Wet   Ginger Quill Wet - RF-6606
Glass-Bead-Midge-Black   Glass Bead Midge Black - RF-1702
Glass-Bead-Midge-Brown   Glass Bead Midge Brown - RF-1703
glass-bead-ruffled-leech   Glass Bead Ruffled Leech - Rf-3654
Glass-Bead-WD40-Black   Glass Bead WD40 Black - RF-1218
Glass-Bead-WD40-Brown   Glass Bead WD40 Brown - RF-1219
Glass-Bead-WD40-Olive   Glass Bead WD40 Olive - RF-1220
Glass-Minnow   Glass Minnow - RF-4938
Glass-Minnow-Deceiver   Glass Minnow Deceiver - RF-4938
glitter-bear-green-butt   Glitter Bear Green Butt (Salmon Hook) - Rf-6154
glitter-bug-black   Glitter Bug Black Body Green & Yellow Butt - Rf-6158
glitter-bug-black-variant   Glitter Bug Black Variant - Rf-6157
glitter-buck-bug-green   Glitter Bug Green Body, Red Hackle & Green Butt - Rf-6156
glitter-bug-natural   Glitter Bug Natural - Rf-6159
glitter-buck-bug-green-red   Glitter Bug Natural Body, Red Hackle, Green & Red Butt - Rf-6146
glitter-bug-pink   Glitter Bug Pink Body, White Hackle & Green Butt - Rf-6160
Glo-Bug-Blue   Glo Bug Blue - RF-3554
Glo-Bug-Chartreuse   Glo Bug Chartreuse - RF-3504
Glo-Bug-Cheese-Roe   Glo Bug Cheese Roe - RF-3600
Glo-Bug-H-H-Chartreuse-Roe   Glo Bug Half & Half Chartreuse & Roe - RF-3505
Glo-Bug-H-H-Cheese-Pink   Glo Bug Half & Half Cheese & Pink - RF-3506
Glo-Bug-H-H-Pink-White   Glo Bug Half & Half Pink & White - RF-3507
Glo-Bug-Red-Roe   Glo Bug Half & Half Red & Roe - Rf-3635
glo-bug-tan-chartreuse   Glo Bug Half Chartreuse & Tan - Rf-3637
Glo-Bug-Oregon-Cheese   Glo Bug Oregon Cheese - RF-3508
Glo-Bug-Pale-Yellow   Glo Bug Pale Yellow - RF-3553
Glo-Bug-Pink   Glo Bug Pink - RF-3546
Glo-Bug-Red   Glo Bug Red - RF-3547
Glo-Bug-Roe   Glo Bug Roe - RF-3602
Glo-Bug-White   Glo Bug White - RF-3548
glo-bug-worm-white   Glo Bug Worm White - RF-3550
Glo-Bug-Yellow   Glo Bug Yellow - RF-3603
Goddard-Caddis   Goddard Caddis - RF-2334
golden-braided-stonefly   Golden Braided Stonefly - RF-5455
golden-clown-egg   Golden Clown Egg Fly - RF-3599
golden-hairwing   Golden Hairwing - Rf-6074
Golden-Mickey-Finn   Golden Mickey Finn - RF-5858
golden-woven-emerger-parachute   Golden Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5477
golden-woven-stonefly   Golden Woven Stonefly - Rf-5448
GL-Hexagenia-Nymph-Brown   Great Lakes Hexagenia Nymph Brown - RF-7127
Great-Lakes-Hexigenia   Great Lakes Hexigenia - RF-7126
Great-Lakes-Krystal-Stone   Great Lakes Krystal Stone - RF-7125
Great-Lakes-Stone-Variation   Great Lakes Stone Variation - RF-1607
GL-Stonefly-Black   Great Lakes Stonefly Black - RF-7124
GL-Stonefly-Brown   Great Lakes Stonefly Brown - RF-7122
GL-Stonefly-Purple   Great Lakes Stonefly Purple - RF-7121
Green-Attractor-Tube-Pike-Fly   Green Attractor Tube Pike Fly - RF-7018
Green-Buck-Bug-Red-Butt   Green Buck Bug Red Butt - RF-6062
green-butt-skunk   Green Butt Skunk (Salmon Hook) - Rf-6147
Green-Drake   Green Drake - RF-3951
Green-Drake-Cripple   Green Drake Cripple - RF-4762
Green-Drake-Parachute   Green Drake Parachute - RF-3952
Green-Eyed-Damsel   Green Eyed Damsel - RF-3299
p-quad-green-glass-bead   Green Glass Bead Crystal P-Quad - Rf-7271
green-glass-head-bloodworm   Green Glass Head Bloodworm - Rf-3653
Green-Highlander   Green Highlander - RF-6016
Green-Machine   Green Machine - RF-6050
green-mach-red-gold-gr-but   Green Machine Red, Green & Gold Butt - Rf-6162
Green-Meanie   Green Meanie - RF-6004
green-rusty-rat   Green Rusty Rat - Rf-6163
green-widow   Green Widow - Rf-6164

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