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Tarpon-Selection   20 Tarpon Saltwater Fly Selection
24-Trout-Flies   24 Deadliest Trout Fly Selection - (Pack Includes Flies Only)
Muddlers-Sculpins-Selection   28 Muddlers & Sculpins Selection
slimline-fly-box-olive-3-pack   3 Pack Slimline Waterproof Double Sided Fly Box - RF9545
Carp-Selection   30 Carp Fly Selection
Nymph-Selection   30 Nymphs & Sub Surface Fly Selection
Buggers-Leeches-Selection   35 Woolly Buggers & Leeches Fly Selection
Eggs-Worms-Selection   36 Eggs & Worms Selection
Trout-Selection   40 Trout Fly Selection
42-Mayflies   42 Mayfly Assortment
Dry-Selection   45 Dry Fly Selection
Steelhead-Selection   48 Steelhead Fly Selection
52-Buick   52 Buick - RF-4810
60-Steelhead-Selection   60 Steelhead Selection
Adams-Cream   Adams Cream - RF-3901
Adams   Adams Dry Fly - RF-3900
adams-dry-fly-ext   Adams Ext Dry Fly- RF-3910
Adams-Female   Adams Female - RF-3902
Adams-Irresistible   Adams Irresistible - RF-3903
Adams-Olive   Adams Olive - RF-3904
Adams-Parachute   Adams Parachute - RF-3905
Adams-Wulff   Adams Wulff - RF-3100
albino-mouse   Albino Mouse - Rf-6999
Allys-Shrimp   Ally's Shrimp - RF-6073
Allys-Shrimp-Black   Allys Shrimp Black - RF-6203
Allys-Shrimp-Brown   Allys Shrimp Brown - RF-6202
Allys-Shrimp-Cascade-Gold   Allys Shrimp Cascade Gold - RF-6206
Allys-Shrimp-Cascade-Silver   Allys Shrimp Cascade Silver - RF-6205
Allys-Shrimp-Green   Allys Shrimp Green - RF-6201
Allys-Shrimp-Red   Allys Shrimp Red - RF-6207
Allys-Shrimp-Silver   Allys Shrimp Silver - RF-6204
Allys-Shrimp-Yellow   Allys Shrimp Yellow - RF-6200
American-March-Brown   American March Brown - RF-3906
Andersons-Brown-Stone-Nymph   Anderson's Brown Stone Nymph - RF-5600
Apte-II-Tarpon-Fly   Apte II Tarpon Fly - RF-4912
aqua-crystal-stone   Aqua Crystal Stone - RF-7137
articulated-bugger-chartreuse   Articulated Schlappen Bugger Chartreuse - RF-7353
Atchisons-Damsel   Atchison's Damsel - RF-3300
Atlantic-Salmon   Atlantic Salmon Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7520
Ausable-Wulff   Ausable Wulff - RF-3101
baby-tarpon-slammer   Baby Tarpon Slammer - RF-4914
Baetis-Soft-Hackle   Baetis Soft Hackle - RF-6505
Baetis-Spinner-(Rusty)   Baetis Spinner (Rusty) - RF-3908
Baitfish-Tandem-Pike-Fly   Baitfish Tandem Pike Fly - RF-7020
Bass-Bug-Selection   Bass Bug Selection - 6 Flies - RF-7500
Popper-Green-Black   Bass Popper Green and Black - RF-6950
Popper-Orange-White-Head   Bass Popper Orange White - RF-6953
Popper-Orange-White-Belly   Bass Popper Orange White Belly - RF-6952
Popper-White-Orange-Head   Bass Popper White Orange Head - RF-6954
Popper-Yellow   Bass Popper Yellow - RF-6955
Popper-Yellow-Perch   Bass Popper Yellow Perch - RF-6951
Bead-Eye-Marabou-Damsel   Bead Eye Marabou Damsel - RF-3340
BH-Estaz-Stonefly   Bead Head Estaz Stonefly - RF-7118
Beadeye-Dragon-Nymph   Beadeye Dragon Nymph - RF-7117
Beadeye-Sparkle-Hex-Nymph   Beadeye Sparkle Hexagenia Nymph - RF-7119
BH-Bird-Nest-Black   Beadhead Bird Nest Black - RF-1800
BH-Bird-Nest-Olive   Beadhead Bird Nest Olive - RF-1801
BH-Bird-Nest-Tan   Beadhead Bird Nest Tan - RF-1802
BH-Brassie   Beadhead Brassie - RF-1200
BH-Brassie-Brown   Beadhead Brassie Brown - RF-1201
BH-Brassie-Chartreuse   Beadhead Brassie Chartreuse - RF-1202
BH-Brassie-Green   Beadhead Brassie Green - RF-1203
BH-Brassie-Pearl   Beadhead Brassie Pearl - RF-1205
BH-Brassie-Red   Beadhead Brassie Red - RF-1206
BH-Brown-Stone   Beadhead Brown Stone - RF-1902
BH-Brown-Stone-Rubber-Legs-RL   Beadhead Brown Stone Rubber Legs (RL) - RF-1903
BH-Chironomid-Amber   Beadhead Chironomid Amber - RF-1207
BH-Chironomid-Black   Beadhead Chironomid Black - RF-1208
BH-Chironomid-Burgundy   Beadhead Chironomid Burgundy - RF-1210
BH-Chironomid-Olive   Beadhead Chironomid Olive - RF-1211
BH-Chironomid-Red   Beadhead Chironomid Red - RF-1212
bh-copper-john-black   Beadhead Copper John Black - RF-2000
BH-Copper-John-Chartreuse   Beadhead Copper John Chartreuse - RF-2001
BH-Copper-John-Copper   Beadhead Copper John Copper - RF-2002
BH-Copper-John-Green   Beadhead Copper John Green - RF-2003
BH-Copper-John-Red   Beadhead Copper John Red - RF-2004
BH-Estaz-Egg-Blue   Beadhead Estaz Egg Blue - RF-7123
BH-Flashback-Scud-Grey   Beadhead Flashback Scud Grey - RF-1400
BH-Flashback-Scud-Olive   Beadhead Flashback Scud Olive - RF-1401
BH-Flashback-Scud-Orange   Beadhead Flashback Scud Orange - RF-1402
BH-Flashback-Scud-Tan   Beadhead Flashback Scud Tan - RF-1404
BH-Girdle-Bug   Beadhead Girdle Bug - RF-1803
BH-Golden-Stone   Beadhead Golden Stone - RF-1906
BH-Half-Back   Beadhead Half Back - RF-1804
BH-Hares-Ear-Black   Beadhead Hare's Ear Black - RF-1501
BH-Hares-Ear-Bushy   Beadhead Hare's Ear Bushy - RF-2008
BH-Hares-Ear-Flashback   Beadhead Hare's Ear Flashback - RF-1502
BH-Hares-Ear-Flashback-Black   Beadhead Hare's Ear Flashback Black - RF-1503
BH-Hares-Ear-Flashback-Olive   Beadhead Hare's Ear Flashback Olive - RF-1504
BH-Hares-Ear-FB-RL-Olive   Beadhead Hare's Ear Flashback RL Olive - RF-1505
BH-Hares-Ear-Gold-Ribbed   Beadhead Hare's Ear Gold Ribbed - RF-1506
BH-Hares-Ear-Gold-Ribbed-Olive   Beadhead Hare's Ear Gold Ribbed Olive - RF-1507
BH-Hares-Ear-Pheasant-Tail-FB   Beadhead Hare's Ear Pheasant Tail Flashback - RF-1509
BH-Hares-Ear-RL-Black   Beadhead Hare's Ear RL Black - RF-1510
BH-Hares-Ear-RL-Black-FB   Beadhead Hare's Ear RL Black Flashback - RF-1511
BH-Hares-Ear-RL-Flashback   Beadhead Hare's Ear RL Flashback - RF-1512
BH-Hares-Ear-RL-Natural   Beadhead Hare's Ear RL Natural - RF-1513
BH-Kaufmanns-Stone-Black   Beadhead Kaufmann's Stone Black - RF-1908
BH-Kaufmanns-Stone-Black-RL   Beadhead Kaufmann's Stone Black - Rubber Leg - RF-1909
BH-Kaufmanns-Stone-Brown   Beadhead Kaufmann's Stone Brown - RF-1910
BH-Kaufmanns-Stone-Brown-RL   Beadhead Kaufmann's Stone Brown - Rubber Leg - RF-1911
BH-Kaufmanns-Stone-Golden   Beadhead Kaufmann's Stone Golden - RF-1912
BH-Kaufmanns-Stone-Golden-RL   Beadhead Kaufmann's Stone Golden - Rubber Leg - RF-1913
BH-Kaufmanns-Stone-Olive   Beadhead Kaufmann's Stone Olive - RF-1914
BH-Krystal-Bugger-Black   Beadhead Krystal Bugger Black - RF-1001
BH-Krystal-Bugger-Burgundy   Beadhead Krystal Bugger Burgundy - RF-1002
BH-Krystal-Bugger-Olive   Beadhead Krystal Bugger Olive - RF-1003
BH-Krystal-Bugger-Purple   Beadhead Krystal Bugger Purple - RF-1004
BH-Krystal-Bugger-Red   Beadhead Krystal Bugger Red - RF-1005
BH-Mohair-Leech-Black-Copper   Beadhead Mohair Leech Black & Copper - RF-1007
BH-Mohair-Leech-Black   Beadhead Mohair Leech Black - RF-1006
BH-Mohair-Leech-Olive   Beadhead Mohair Leech Olive - RF-1017
BH-Mohair-Leech-Purple   Beadhead Mohair Leech Purple - RF-1018
BH-Mohair-Leech-Red   Beadhead Mohair Leech Red - RF-1019
BH-Olive-Damsel   Beadhead Olive Damsel - RF-3311
BH-Olive-Nymph   Beadhead Olive Nymph - RF-1600
BH-Pheasant-Tail   Beadhead Pheasant Tail - RF-1601
BH-Pheasant-Tail-Black   Beadhead Pheasant Tail Black - RF-1602
BH-Pheasant-Tail-Flash-Back   Beadhead Pheasant Tail Flash Back - RF-1603
BH-Pheasant-Tail-Soft-Hackle   Beadhead Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle - RF-1604
BH-Prince-Nymph   Beadhead Prince Nymph - RF-1806
BH-Prince-Nymph-Black   Beadhead Prince Nymph Black - RF-1807
BH-Prince-Nymph-Flash-Back   Beadhead Prince Nymph Flash Back - RF-1808
BH-Prince-Nymph-Red   Beadhead Prince Nymph Red - RF-1810
BH-San-Juan-Worm-Pink   Beadhead San Juan Worm Pink - RF-3584
BH-San-Juan-Worm-Tan   Beadhead San Juan Worm Tan - RF-3583
BH-Serendipity-Amber   Beadhead Serendipity Amber - RF-1213
BH-Serendipity-Black   Beadhead Serendipity Black - RF-1214
BH-Serendipity-Olive   Beadhead Serendipity Olive - RF-1216
BH-Serendipity-Red   Beadhead Serendipity Red - RF-1217
BH-Soft-Hackle-Hares-Ear   Beadhead Soft Hackle Hare's Ear - RF-6498
BH-Soft-Hackle-Olive   Beadhead Soft Hackle Olive - RF-6499
bh-tan-woven-stone   Beadhead Tan Woven Stonefly - Rf-5442
BH-Woolly-Krystal-Bugger-Selec   Beadhead Woolly & Krystal Bugger Selection - 10 Flies - RF-7501
BH-Woolly-Bugger-Black   Beadhead Woolly Bugger Black - RF-1020
BH-Woolly-Bugger-Brown   Beadhead Woolly Bugger Brown - RF-1021
BH-Woolly-Bugger-Olive   Beadhead Woolly Bugger Olive - RF-1022
BH-Woolly-Bugger-Purple   Beadhead Woolly Bugger Purple - RF-1023
BH-Zug-Bug   Beadhead Zug Bug - RF-1811
bee-bomber-green-salmon   Bee Bomber Green Salmon - RF-6046
bee-bomber-orange-salmon   Bee Bomber Orange Salmon - RF-6049
bee-bomber-yellow   Bee Bomber Yellow - RF-6047
Beetle   Beetle - RF-6302
Beetle-Foam   Beetle Foam - RF-6303
Bend-Back-Blue   Bend Back Blue - RF-4940
Best-Sellers-Selection   Best Sellers Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7502
bh-black-beaver-and-tail   Bh Black Beaver And Tail - RF-1027
bh-black-biot-stonefly   Bh Black Biot Stonefly - RF-1900
bh-black-leech-epoxy-chart   Bh Black Leech Epoxy Chart - RF-2095
bh-bugger-grizzly-white   Bh Bugger Grizzly White - RF-7601
BH-Copper-John-Olive   BH Copper John Olive - RF-2005
BH Estaz-Egg-Chartreuse   BH Estaz Egg Chartreuse - RF-7115
BH Estaz-Egg-Orange   BH Estaz Egg Orange - RF-7116
BH Estaz-Egg-Pink   BH Estaz Egg Pink - RF-7114
BH-Evil-Weevil-Black   BH Evil Weevil Black - RF 1813
BH-Evil-Weevil-Natural   BH Evil Weevil Natural - RF 1812
BH-Evil-Weevil-Olive   BH Evil Weevil Olive - RF 1814
BH-Flashback-Scud-Pink   BH Flashback Scud Pink - RF-1403
bh-flo-orange-chironomid   BH Flo Orange Chironomid - Rf-7170
bh-fuzzy-bugger-black-rl   Bh Fuzzy Bugger Black Rl - RF-7606
bh-fuzzy-leech-white   Bh Fuzzy Leech White - RF-7615
BH-Globug-Cheese-Roe   BH Globug Cheese Roe - RF-3639
bh-globug-pale-yellow   BH Globug Pale Yellow - RF-3604
bh-globug-pink   BH Globug Pink Egg Fly - RF-3605
bh-globug-salmon   BH Globug Salmon Egg Fly - RF-3606
bh-globug-yellow   BH Globug Yellow Egg Fly - RF-3607
bh-golden-braided-stonefly   Bh Golden Braided Stonefly - RF-5434
BH-Golden-Clown-Egg   BH Golden Clown Egg - RF-3638
BH-Great-Lakes-Stone   BH Great Lakes Stone - RF-1606
bh-grizzly-bugger-red   Bh Grizzly Bugger Red - RF-7602
bh-hares-ear-partridge-collar   BH Hares Ear Partridge Collar Nymph - RF-5493
BH-Krystal-Blob-Blood-Red   BH Krystal Blob Blood Red - RF-7130
BH-Krystal-Blob-Chartreuse   BH Krystal Blob Chartreuse - RF-7131
BH-Krystal-Blob-Orange   BH Krystal Blob Orange - RF-7132
BH-Krystal-Blob-Pale-Blue   BH Krystal Blob Pale Blue - RF-7133
BH-Krystal-Blob-Pink   BH Krystal Blob Pink - RF-7134
bh-pink-bugger   BH Krystal Bugger Pink - Rf-1000
BH-Krystal-Egg-Dark-Blue   BH Krystal Egg Dark Blue - RF-7135
BH-Krystal-Egg-Pink   BH Krystal Egg Pink - RF-7136
BH-Leech-Black   BH Leech Black - RF-2174
BH-Leech-Purple   BH Leech Purple - RF-2175
BH-Leech-White   BH Leech White - RF-2176
BH-Lightning-Bug   BH Lightning Bug - RF-1500
BH-Mini-Stonefly   BH Mini Stonefly - RF-7128
bh-nuke-egg-cheese   BH Nuke Egg Fly Cheese - RF-3608
bh-nuke-egg-pink   BH Nuke Egg Fly Pink - RF-3609
bh-nuke-egg-yellow   BH Nuke Egg Fly Yellow - RF-3598
BH-Nuke-Egg-Pink-Roe   BH Nuke Egg Pink Roe - RF-3641
BH-Nuke-Egg-Roe   BH Nuke Egg Roe - RF-3642
bh-olive-crystal-stone   Bh Olive Crystal Stone - RF-7138
bh-olive-leech   Bh Olive Leech - RF-7616
bh-orange-candy-bugger   Bh Orange Candy Bugger - RF-7604
BH-Orange-Yellow-Stonerfly   BH Orange Yellow Stonerfly - RF-1710
bh-pheasant-tail-steelhead   BH Pheasant Tail Flashback (Curved Shank Hook) - Rf-1508
bh-pink-nuke-egg   Bh Pink Nuke Egg - RF-3621
bh-prince-nymph-bushy   BH Prince Nymph Bushy - RF-1815
bh-prince-of-darkness   Bh Prince Of Darkness - RF-1805
bh-purple-candy-bugger   Bh Purple Candy Bugger - RF-7605
bh-purple-grizzly-bugger   Bh Purple Grizzly Bugger - RF-7600
BH-Purple-Leech-Epoxy-Chart   BH Purple Leech Epoxy Chartreuse - RF-2101

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