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Streamers and Buggers contain a vast amount of highly distinguished patterns that our fly fishing team use extensively. Streamers and Buggers can include some truly deadly flies such as the Woolly Bugger, the Krystal Bugger, Marabou Muddler, Mickey Finn, and even the infamous Zonker. All these fly fishing patterns are frequently used by float fishermen as well. Trout, Salmon, Pike, Bass, and many other species of fish simply cannot resist the tempting allure of a properly placed Streamer or bugger. These flies can be used anywhere across canada and the us especially in provinces like Alberta or BC where they have a large trout and salmon population.

Photo Opposite: Proof of the deadly nature of a Woolly Bugger, this Brown Woolly Bugger caught a fantastic carp on the Saugeen River in the early spring, feeding off the riverbed this hungry carp couldn't resist the tempting treat dropped in front of it.

Fantastic Carp caught on the Brown Woolly Bugger.
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