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Eggs, Worms and Scuds are an essential aspect to any trout or salmon diet. These flies when used properly are guaranteed to provide you the results you are looking for. Fish Egg flies that resemble salmon spawn during their spawning time and you will not believe the amount of trout waiting to gobble your imitation egg. Worms have been used since fishing was first conceived as a deadly trout and salmon bait and the fly fishing variant is no different. Scuds imitate small aquatic life such as crayfish and shrimp, never underestimate these powerful tools as their life like appearance is sure to dupe even the oldest wariest trout.

Photo Opposite: This beautiful Rainbow trout was caught with a Chartreuse Glo Bug on the Saugeen River in early spring. The Glo Bug pattern's are available in the Eggs and Spawn section above and start at $0.65 a fly.

Nice Rainbow caught on a Glo Bug Chartreuse
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