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Egg Sucking Stinger Pink - Rf-2098
Egg Sucking Stinger Pink

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The Egg Sucking Stinger Pink pattern presented by Reelflies.ca™ is an ideal fly when targeting those Steelhead, Chinook, Coho and even Browns in deeper murky water. The profile of this fly helps fish easily locate the fly and the movements, along with the solid pink head, is an easy target for hungry aggressive river dwellers. By adding the necessary shot to reach a desired depth, this fly is fantastic when swung in the current and tail outs of your river. Using a floating line with a sink-tip can help you shoot the fly longer distances with accuracy to those small pockets where fish are hiding. Reelflies.ca produces a variety of colors and sizes for this tremendously effective fly. Never be caught on the water without this fly.

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