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Black Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5478 Brown Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5481 Golden Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5477
Flies Price: $1.45
Flies Price: $1.45
Flies Price: $1.45
Black Woven Emerger Parachute Brown Woven Emerger Parachute Golden Woven Emerger Parachute
Grey Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5480 Olive Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5479 Tan Woven Emerger Parachute - Rf-5476
Flies Price: $1.45
Flies Price: $1.45
Flies Price: $1.45
Grey Woven Emerger Parachute Olive Woven Emerger Parachute Tan Woven Emerger Parachute
Select your Dry Fly, Dries & Emerger Top Water fishing flies our Fly Categories above... offers a wide variety of popular dry flies and emerger fly patters. Dry flies imitate top water or surface flies. These form a hugh part of a trout's diet, in fact when the trout are feeding on the surface it can be almost impossible to get then to take anything else. You will have to match the hatch so keep a close eye on what is rising, this includes size and colour. Our huge dry fly category also includes terrestrial and hopper flies, which are generally found near the rivers edge or in over hanging trees, inadvertently these little crawlers end up on the water surface making them an attractive and irresistible offering to a hungry trout. Just click on the category of your choice below.

Photo opposite: This gorgeous 19" Brown Trout was caught using a Elk Hair Caddis Tan Fly check these out under our Caddis Dry Fly section above, on sale at this time for only $0.49.

A golden brown trout caught using a Elk Hare Caddis Tan dry fly on the Grand River in Ontario, Canada
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