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Signature Crab Flies for Bonefish and Permit. Heading saltwater fly fishing to Cuba, Mexico, the Bahamas or Florida Keys? Then these are some of the deadliest Crab patterns for your trip. Tried and tested by the ReelFlies team and many of our Saltwater Guides.
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Merkin Crab - RF-4931 ReelFlies™ - Antron Crab Tan - RF-4978 ReelFlies™ - Blue Crab - RF-4982
Flies Price: $1.95
Fly Price: $1.95
Fly Price: $1.95
Merkin Crab Antron Crab Tan Blue Crab
Merkin Crab or Permit Crab for Bonefish or Permit Flats Fly Fishing Heading South then make sure you stock up on a bunch of Antron Crab flies from ReelFlies™ first. This is a tried and tested Bone Fish and Permit fly deadly in Belize, Mexico, Cuba and Florida Keys. Fishing the flats after a storm can be a challenge as the water conditions can be murky. In these condition try one of our Blue Crabs this will immediately get the attention of any Bone fish or Permit.
ReelFlies™ - Creole Crab Olive - RF-4981 ReelFlies™ - Creole Crab Tan - RF-4980 ReelFlies™ - Golden Crab - RF-4979
Fly Price: $1.95
Fly Price: $1.95
Fly Price: $1.95
Creole Crab Olive Creole Crab Tan Golden Crab
When fishing the grassy beds which are common on most flats many of the Crabs are olive in colour. The Creole Crab in Olive & Tan is the go to fly. Drop it into the sandy pockets and hold on. Bone Fish and Permit go crazy for these. Heading to Cuba for Bone Fish? Then check out the Creole Crab in Tan colour is one of the most productive Bone Fish and Permit patterns, a deadly shallow water flats pattern. In stained water many of our Guides and customers turn to the ReelFlies™ Golden Crab. A tasty offering to any spooky Bonefish or Permit.
ReelFlies™ - Grand Slam Crab Tan - RF-4976 ReelFlies™ - Grand Slam Crab White - RF-4977 Mini Crab Olive - RF-4994
Fly Price: $1.95
Fly Price: $1.95
Fly Price: $1.95
Grand Slam Crab Tan Grand Slam Crab White Mini Crab Olive
Heading for the flats? Then don't go without a bunch of our deadly Grand Slam Crab patterns. Used these recently in Cuba and the Keys to great success. A 2014 ReelFlies™ Signature Pattern. One of our latest ReelFlies™ Signature Saltwater patterns the Grand Slam Crab in White. Irresistible to both Permit and Spooky Bone Fish. Also hard to keep Jacks and Cuda off you line with these. Our selection of hyper realistic Mini Crabs is the latest generation of must have patterns if you’re heading out to the flats. An excellent choice for many Saltwater conditions, the Mini Crab Olive is realistic enough to fool most people…the bonefish won’t stand a chance.
Mini Crab Orange - RF-4995 Mini Crab Tan - RF-4996
Fly Price: $1.95
Fly Price: $1.95
Mini Crab Orange Mini Crab Tan
The bright colour of the Mini Crab Orange is sure to intrigue even the most stubborn of Saltwater species, and the super realistic design can fool any fish into snapping up this appetizing morsel. Our range of Saltwater flies is greatly enhanced with the addition of the hyper realistic Mini Crab Tan. A fuzzy body, elastic and foam legs and arms (complete with claws), and a set of innocent eyes to deceive your Bonefish or Permit targets, this Crab will keep you busy, and your line taunt.
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