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Chironomid Selection - 16 Flies - RF-7504
Chironomid Selection

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Pack 16: Chironomid Selection - 16 Flies. Great assortment of Chironomids or Buzzers and a variety of popular sizes.

  • Beadhead Brassie
  • Beadhead Brassie Chartreuse
  • Beadhead Chronomid Black
  • Beadhead Chronomid Red
  • Beadhead Serendipity Black
  • Beadhead Serendipity Olive
  • Brassie
  • Brassie Wine
  • Chironomid Brown
  • Chironomid Purple
  • Serendipity Amber
  • Serendipity Krystal
  • WD 40 Black
  • WD 40 Olive
  • WD 40 Red
  • Zebra Midge
(Flies only will be supplied, retail packaging & card not included!)

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