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Brasicopter - Rf-1816

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An appetizing meal for even the most cautious trout, Reelflies.ca™ presents the Brasicopter. This beadhead nymph uses natural brown and orange colors and binds them with a mild flash and white tail sure to tempt resident rainbows and browns, but also massive steelhead. This fly is a proven winner on its own, however, attach 18 inches of tippet off the hook shank to a second Reelflies.ca pattern, and your fishing excitement is heightened. From large rivers to soft stream ripples, nymphs are found almost everywhere. Used as a single fly or with a team of flies, drifted under an indicator, your success rate will reach a new plateau otherwise thought impossible. Reelflies.ca produces realistic and natural nymphs proven to catch various species in the river.

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