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BH Titanium Red Chironomid - Rf-7168
BH Titanium Red Chironomid

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Inland trout lakes are considered the ideal arena to display this gentle and effective fly. Our top tier Reelflies.ca™ tyer demonstrates skill and natural presentation with the Beadhead Titanium Red Chironomid. Easily confused for a protein filled bloodworm, nickel silver rainbow trout cannot ignore the natural beauty of this fly. Presented on a Mustad or Kamasan hook available in different sizes, the color pattern of Reelflies.ca™ Beadhead Titanium Red Chironomid attracts shy trout from a distance encouraging them to eat. Traditionally this fly is used under an indicator and presented near the bottom of lakes. Algae filled, muddy bottoms are a great indication chironomids are present. The candy cane style of this Chironomid represent the larva stage and is definitely on the menu for these finicky trout. Play around with colors and size when the fish are off the bite, and you will see your indicator drop. Fish on!.

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