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BH Krystal Bugger Pink - Rf-1000
BH Krystal Bugger Pink

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Beadhead Krystal Bugger Pink: Across Canada, in every fly anglers box you are almost certain to find a bugger of some variation. Reelflies.ca™ has created the Beadhead Krystal Bugger Pink that’s sure to have your rod bent. This pattern can be used from small to larger mountainous rivers and streams like the Oldman or Bow River in Calgary, to the Mighty Niagara in Ontario. Reelflies.ca™ has combined an effective design with bright pink colors and illuminating flash; the result is a deadly fly. Booming hook sets from a Steelhead, Brown, Salmon or even large Bass make this fly versatile for any type of fish you’re targeting. Commonly used on rivers in Ontario year round, this fly can be swung in the current near a tail out, used under an indicator near bottom, or even thrown from a dock into a rocky shoreline for bass or other species. Reelflies.ca™ has created a superior fly pattern known to trigger strikes from fish all over the map.

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