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20 Tarpon Saltwater Fly Selection
20 Tarpon - Saltwater Fly Selection

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The Reelflies Saltwater Fly Selection includes 20 deadly saltwater lures, capable of catching some of the biggest tarpon out there! We use only the best materials in our flies and our dedication to quality flies is illustrated in this fantastic set. This selection includes:
  • 2x Tarpon Glo Green (RF-4917)
  • 2x Tarpon Glo Orange (RF-4918)
  • 2x Blue Death-Tarpon (RF-4913)
  • 2x Tarpon Black and Orange (RF-4916)
  • 2x Apte-II-Tarpon-Fly (RF-4912)
  • 2x Stu-Apte (RF-4915)
  • 2x Tarpon Taker-White (RF-4919)
  • 2x Tarpon Taker-Yellow ((RF-4920)
  • 2x Whitlocks Baitfish (RF-4921)
  • 2x Orange & Grizzly (RF-4914)

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