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Reel-Tan-Brown-Foam-Hopper   ReelFlies™ - Reel Tan Brown Foam Hopper - RF-6391
Reel-Tan-Foam-Hopper   ReelFlies™ - Reel Tan Foam Hopper - RF-6390
Tarantula-Stonefly-Brown   ReelFlies™ - Reel Tarantula Stonefly Brown - RF-7999
ReelFlies-Yellow-Wulff   ReelFlies™ - Reel Yellow Wulff - RF-9323
Rocky-Mountain-Crystal-Bugger   ReelFlies™ - Rocky Mountain Crystal Bugger - RF-9466
Rocky-Mountain-Pupa-Olive   ReelFlies™ - Rocky Mountain Pupa Olive - RF-9364
Rocky-Mountain-Pupa-Orange   ReelFlies™ - Rocky Mountain Pupa Orange - RF-9365
Rocky-Mountain-Pupa-Tan   ReelFlies™ - Rocky Mountain Pupa Tan - RF-9363
Rocky-Mountain-Trout-Candy   ReelFlies™ - Rocky Mountain Trout Candy - RF-9178
Rusty-Steelhead-Candy   ReelFlies™ - Rusty Steelhead Candy - RF-9143
ReelFlies-Sarita-Tenkara   ReelFlies™ - Sarita Tenkara - RF-9781
Shore-Lunch-Minnow   ReelFlies™ - Shore Lunch Minnow - RF-12013
Shrimp-Pink-Rubber-Leg-Bugger   ReelFlies™ - Shrimp Pink Rubber Legged Bugger - RF-9490
ReelFlies-Steelhead-Candy   ReelFlies™ - Steelhead Candy - RF-9140
ReelFlies-Tenkara   ReelFlies™ - Tenkara - RF-9802
ReelFlies-Thapa-Tenkara   ReelFlies™ - Thapa Tenkara - RF-9795
ReelFlies-Thymo-Olive   ReelFlies™ - Thymo Nymph Olive - RF-9114
ReelFlies-Thymo-Orange   ReelFlies™ - Thymo Nymph Orange - RF-9112
ReelFlies-Thymo-Orange-Butt   ReelFlies™ - Thymo Nymph Orange Butt - RF-9116
ReelFlies-Thymo-Pink   ReelFlies™ - Thymo Nymph Pink - RF-9118
White-Steelhead-Candy   ReelFlies™ - White Steelhead Candy - RF-9154
ReelFlies-Bugger   ReelFlies™ - Woolly Bugger - RF-9475
Yellow-Foam-Hopper   ReelFlies™ - Yellow Foam Hopper - RF-6381
Yellow-Olive-Foam-Bug   ReelFlies™ - Yellow Olive Foam Bug - RF-6388
reelflies-fly-reel   ReelFlies™ Large Arbor Fly Reel
Napalm-Stream-R-Nymph   ReelFlies™ Napalm Stream-R-Nymph - RF-9370
Stream-R-Nymph-Black-Blue   ReelFlies™ Stream-R-Nymph Black and Blue - RF-9369
Stream-R-Nymph-Black-and-Gold   ReelFlies™ Stream-R-Nymph Black and Gold - RF-9374
Stream-R-Nymph-Black-and-Red   ReelFlies™ Stream-R-Nymph Black and Red - RF-9377
Stream-R-Nymph-Brown   ReelFlies™ Stream-R-Nymph Brown - RF-9371
Stream-R-Nymph-Pink   ReelFlies™ Stream-R-Nymph Pink - RF-9372
Stream-R-Nymph-Tan-Olive   ReelFlies™ Stream-R-Nymph Tan Olive - RF-9375
Stream-R-Nymph-Tan-Orange   ReelFlies™ Stream-R-Nymph Tan Orange - RF-9376
reelfly-710   ReelFly 710 Large Arbor Fly Reel
Renegade   Renegade - RF-3128
Renegade-Nymph   Renegade Nymph - RF-5351
Rio-Grande-King   Rio Grande King - RF-3129
RL-Copper-John   RL Copper John - RF-4800
RL-Copper-John-Black   RL Copper John Black - RF-2006
RL-DBH-Stonefly   RL DBH Stonefly - RF-1922
rocket-stonefly-black   Rocket Stonefly Black - RF-5452
rocket-stonefly-brown   Rocket Stonefly Brown - RF-5453
rocket-stonefly-olive   Rocket Stonefly Olive - RF-5454
Rose-Of-New-England   Rose Of New England - RF-6246
Ross-Special   Ross Special - RF-6236
Royal-Coachman   Royal Coachman - RF-3130
Royal-Coachman-Parachute   Royal Coachman Parachute - RF-3131
Royal-Coachman-Salmon   Royal Coachman Salmon - RF-6070
Royal-Coachman-Streamer   Royal Coachman Streamer - RF-5855
Royal-Coachman-Trude   Royal Coachman Trude - RF-3132
Royal-Humpy   Royal Humpy - RF-3133
Royal-Wulff   Royal Wulff - RF-3134
rl-krystal-crayfish-olive   Rubber Legged Krystal Crayfish Olive - RF-4852
RL-Brown-Stone-Nymph   Rubber Legs Brown Stone Nymph - RF-5635
Rusty-Rat   Rusty Rat - RF-6003
Rusty-Spinner   Rusty Spinner - RF-4005
Rutledge   Rutledge - RF-6232
saltwater-ninja   Saltwater Ninja - RF-7273
salty-jacks-popper-chartreuse   Salty Jacks Popper Chartreuse - RF-6962
salty-jacks-popper-orange   Salty Jacks Popper Orange - RF-6961
salty-jacks-popper-pink   Salty Jacks Popper Pink - RF-6963
Same-Thing-Murray   Same Thing Murray - RF-6248
San-Juan-Earth-Worm   San Juan Earth Worm RF-3515
San-Juan-Worm-Burgundy   San Juan Worm Burgundy - RF-3515
San-Juan-Worm-Chartruse   San Juan Worm Chartruse - RF-3516
San-Juan-Worm-Orange   San Juan Worm Orange - RF-3517
san-juan-worm-pink   San Juan Worm Pink - RF-3514
San-Juan-Worm-Red   San Juan Worm Red - RF-3518
San-Juan-Worm-Tan   San Juan Worm Tan - RF-3519
sand-eel   Sand Eel - RF-7027
schlappen-bugger-black   Schlappen Bugger Black - RF-7354
schlappen-bugger-bk-arti   Schlappen Bugger Black Articulated - Rf-7350
schlappen-bugger-brown   Schlappen Bugger Brown - Rf-7351
schlappen-bugger-chartreuse   Schlappen Bugger Chartreuse - RF-7355
schlappen-bugger-multi-art   Schlappen Bugger Multi Articulated - RF-7358
schlappen-bugger-olive   Schlappen Bugger Olive - RF-7352
schlappen-bugger-olive-art   Schlappen Bugger Olive Articulated - RF-7357
Scoodic-Special   Scoodic Special - RF-6244
Scrambled-Egg   Scrambled Egg RF-3618
Scrambled-Egg-White   Scrambled Egg White RF-3619
Scud-Hares-Ear-Grey   Scud Hare's Ear Grey - RF-3520
Scud-Olive   Scud Olive - RF-3521
Scud-Orange   Scud Orange - RF-3522
Scud-Pink   Scud Pink - RF-3523
Scud-Tan   Scud Tan - RF-3524
Scuds-and-Worms-Selection   Scuds and Worms Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7518
Searching-Hex-Nymph   Searching Hex Nymph - RF-4261
Searching-Nymph-Selection   Searching Nymph Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7519
Serendipity-Amber   Serendipity Amber - RF-2916
Serendipity-Black   Serendipity Black - RF-2917
Serendipity-Green   Serendipity Green - RF-2918
Serendipity-Krystal   Serendipity Krystal - RF-2919
Serendipity-Olive   Serendipity Olive - RF-2920
Serendipity-Purple   Serendipity Purple - RF-2923
Serendipity-Red   Serendipity Red - RF-2921
Serendipity-Tan   Serendipity Tan - RF-2922
Shady-Lady-Orange-Butt   Shady Lady Orange Butt - RF-6057
shady-lady-variation   Shady Lady Pink & Green Butt - Rf-6169
Shellback-ReelCray-Olive   Shellback ReelCray Olive - RF-7106
Shellback-ReelCray-Orange   Shellback ReelCray Orange - RF-7108
Shellback-ReelCray-Tan   Shellback ReelCray Tan - RF-7107
Sierra-Bright-Dot-Chartreuse   Sierra Bright Dot Chartreuse - RF-3135
Sierra-Bright-Dot-Red   Sierra Bright Dot Red - RF-3136
Silver-Blue   Silver Blue Charm - RF-6065
Silver-Cosseboom   Silver Cosseboom - RF-6227
Silver-Down-Easter   Silver Down Easter - RF-6235
Silver-Ranger   Silver Ranger - RF-6251
Silver-Rat   Silver Rat - RF-6239
Silver-Tip-Hairwing   Silver Tip Hairwing - RF-6063
Silver-Doctor   Silver-Doctor - RF-6064
Skinny-Clouser-Olive-White   Skinny Clouser Olive White - RF-4970
Skip-Nymph-Dark   Skip Nymph Dark - RF-4281
Skip-Nymph-Light   Skip Nymph Light - RF-4282
Skittering-Caddis   Skittering Caddis - RF-2350
Slate-Olive-Thorax   Slate Olive Thorax - RF-4007
Slight-Leech-Maroon   Slight Leech Maroon - RF-2152
Slight-Leech-Olive   Slight Leech Olive - RF-2153
slim-waterproof-fly-box-olive   Slimline Waterproof Double Sided Fly Box - RF9544
slim-waterproof-fly-box-tan   Slimline Waterproof Double Sided Fly Box - RF9546
slinky-leech-chartreuse-white   Slinky Leech Chartreuse White - RF-7025
Slow-Water-Caddis-Brown   Slow Water Caddis Brown - RF-2351
Slow-Water-Caddis-Olive   Slow Water Caddis Olive - RF-2352
sly-deceiver-blue   Sly Deceiver Blue - RF-4942
sly-deceiver-chartreuse   Sly Deceiver Chartreuse - RF-4943
sly-deceiver-pink   Sly Deceiver Pink - RF-4944
Sneaky-Pete-Black   Sneaky Pete Black - RF-6956
Sneaky-Pete-Perch   Sneaky Pete Perch - RF-6957
Sneaky-Pete-White   Sneaky Pete White - RF-6958
Sneaky-Pete-Yellow   Sneaky Pete Yellow - RF-6959
Snipe-and-Purple   Snipe and Purple - RF-6582
Soft-Hackle-Green   Soft Hackle Green - RF-6583
Soft-Hackle-Grey   Soft Hackle Grey - RF-6584
Soft-Hackle-Hares-Ear   Soft Hackle Hare's Ear - RF-6585
Soft-Hackle-Orange   Soft Hackle Orange - RF-6586
Soft-Hackle-Orange-Silver-Tip   Soft Hackle Orange Silver Tip - RF-6608
Soft-Hackle-Pheasant-Tail   Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail - RF-6587
SH-Pheasant-Tail-Copper   Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Copper Wire Body - RF-6588
SH-Pheasant-Tail-Hares-Ear   Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Hare's Ear - RF-6589
Soft-Hackle-Yellow   Soft Hackle Yellow - RF-6590
Sowbug-Cream   Sowbug Cream - RF-3529
Sowbug-Grey   Sowbug Grey - RF-3530
Sowbug-Olive   Sowbug Olive - RF-3531
Sowbug-Orange-Scud   Sowbug Orange Scud - RF-3626
Sowbug-Pink-Scud   Sowbug Pink Scud - RF-3625
Sowbug-Tan   Sowbug Tan - RF-3532
Sparkle-Caddis-Olive   Sparkle Caddis Olive - RF-2353
Sparkle-Caddis-Tan   Sparkle Caddis Tan - RF-2354
Sparkle-Dun-Adams-Grey   Sparkle Dun Adams Grey - RF-4008
Sparkle-Dun-Blue-Wing-Olive   Sparkle Dun Blue Wing Olive - RF-4009
Sparkle-Dun-BWO-Variation   Sparkle Dun BWO Variation - RF-4002
Sparkle-Dun-Callibaetis   Sparkle Dun Callibaetis - RF-4010
Sparkle-Dun-Male-Trico   Sparkle Dun Male Trico - RF-4011
Sparkle-Dun-Pale-Morning-Dun   Sparkle Dun Pale Morning Dun - RF-4012
Sparkle-Dun-Sulpher   Sparkle Dun Sulpher - RF-4013
Sparkle-Milt-Egg-Orange   Sparkle Milt Egg Orange - RF-3533
Sparkle-Milt-Egg-Orange-Yellow   Sparkle Milt Egg Orange-Yellow - RF-3534
Sparkle-Milt-Egg-Yellow   Sparkle Milt Egg Yellow - RF-3536
Spent-Partridge-Caddis   Spent Partridge Caddis - RF-2355
Spuddler   Spuddler - RF-4716
squeak-slammer   Squeak Slammer - RF-4967
skater-brush   Squirrel Fur Bushy Skater - Rf-6091
SRI-Caddis-Larva   SRI Caddis Larva - RF-2567
SRI-Caddis-Pupa   SRI Caddis Pupa - RF-2568
SRI-CDC-Emerger-Rusty-Brown   SRI CDC Emerger Rusty Brown - RF-4283
SRI-CDC-Emerger-Sulphur   SRI CDC Emerger Sulphur - RF-4284
SRI-CDC-Emerger-White-Black   SRI CDC Emerger White - Black - RF-4285
SRI-Marabou-Damsel   SRI Marabou Damsel - RF-3333
SRI-Sculpin-Olive   SRI Sculpin Olive - RF-4717
SRI-Sculpin-Olive-Yellow   SRI Sculpin Olive Yellow - RF-4722
Starling-and-Herl   Starling and Herl - RF-6591
Steehead-Nuke-Egg   Steehead Nuke Egg - RF-3615
steelhead-bug-chartreuse   Steelhead Bug Chartreuse - RF-7622
steelhead-bug-orange   Steelhead Bug Orange - RF-7621
steelhead-bug-pink   Steelhead Bug Pink - RF-7620
steelhead-caddis-olive   Steelhead Caddis Olive - Rf-2528
Steelhead-Caddis-Orange   Steelhead Caddis Orange - RF-2526
Steelhead-Caddis-Tan   Steelhead Caddis Tan - RF-2527
steelhead-destroyer-chart   Steelhead Destroyer Nymph Chart - RF-5468
steelhead-destroyer-orange   Steelhead Destroyer Nymph Orange - RF-5466
steelhead-destroyer-pink   Steelhead Destroyer Nymph Pink - RF-5467
steelhead-firebolt   Steelhead Firebolt Nymph - RF-9368
steelhead-hunter-chartreuse   Steelhead Hunter Nymph Chartreuse - RF-5375
steelhead-hunter-olive   Steelhead Hunter Nymph Olive - RF-5376
steelhead-hunter-orange   Steelhead Hunter Nymph Orange - RF-5377
steelhead-hunter-purple   Steelhead Hunter Nymph Purple - RF-5378
steelhead-hunter-red   Steelhead Hunter Red - RF-5379
steelhead-killer-black   Steelhead Killer Nymph Black - RF-5382
steelhead-poacher-black   Steelhead Poacher Black - RF-5387
steelhead-poacher-chart   Steelhead Poacher Nymph Chartreuse - RF-5385
steelhead-poacher-copper   Steelhead Poacher Nymph Copper - RF-5386
steelhead-poacher-pink   Steelhead Poacher Nymph Pink - RF-5387
steelhead-poacher-purple   Steelhead Poacher Nymph Purple - RF-5388
steelhead-poacher-red   Steelhead Poacher Red - RF-5390
steelhead-predator-chart   Steelhead Predator Nymph Chart - RF-5391
steelhead-predator-olive   Steelhead Predator Nymph Olive - RF-5392
steelhead-predator-orange   Steelhead Predator Nymph Orange - RF-5393
steelhead-predator-pink   Steelhead Predator Nymph Pink - RF-5394
steelhead-predator-purple   Steelhead Predator Nymph Purple - RF-5395
steelhead-princess-pink   Steelhead Princess Nymph Pink - RF-5399
steelhead-seducer-chart   Steelhead Seducer Nymph Chartreuse - RF-5469

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