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Carey-Special-Peacock   Carey Special Peacock - RF-6520
Carey-Special-Pheasant-Tail   Carey Special Pheasant Tail - RF-6521
Carey-Special-Red   Carey Special Red - RF-6522
Carey-Special-Silver   Carey Special Silver - RF-6523
Carpenter-Ant   Carpenter Ant - RF-6313
Carriers-Stone-Nymph   Carrier's Stone Nymph - RF-5608
Cased-Caddis   Cased Caddis - RF-2372
Cates-Turkey-Nymph   Cate's Turkey Nymph - RF-4223
cats-whisker   Cats Whisker - Rf-5435
cats-whisker-chartreuse   Cats Whisker Chartreuse - Rf-5436
Catskill-Canadensis   Catskill Canadensis - RF-4224
catskill-hendrickson   Catskill Hendrickson - RF-4225
CDC-Adult-Caddis-Black   CDC Adult Caddis Black - RF-2307
CDC-Adult-Caddis-Olive   CDC Adult Caddis Olive - RF-2308
CDC-Adult-Caddis-Tan   CDC Adult Caddis Tan - RF-2309
CDC-Ant   CDC Ant - RF-6314
CDC-Ant-Cinnamon   CDC Ant Cinnamon - RF-5380
CDC-Biot-Comparadun   CDC Biot Comparadun - RF-3922
CDC-Comparadun-PMD-Cripple-Dun   CDC Comparadun PMD Cripple Dun - RF-3925
CDC-Hatching-Midge   CDC Hatching Midge - RF-4511
CDC-Little-Yellow-Stone   CDC Little Yellow Stone - RF-5502
CDC-Midge-Adult   CDC Midge Adult - RF-4512
CDC-Midge-Pupa   CDC Midge Pupa - RF-4513
CDC-Peacock-Beetle   CDC Peacock Beetle - RF-6317
ch-beerbelly-zonker   Ch Beerbelly Zonker - RF-6818
ch-bow-river-bugger-black   Ch Bow River Bugger Black - RF-2740
CH-Bow-River-Bugger-White-Tail   CH Bow River Bugger White Tail - RF-2745
ch-flashy-zonker-olive   Ch Flashy Zonker Olive - RF-7607
CH-Krystal-Bugger-Black   CH Krystal Bugger Black - RF-2700
CH-Krystal-Bugger-Burgundy   CH Krystal Bugger Burgundy - RF-2701
CH-Krystal-Bugger-Olive   CH Krystal Bugger Olive - RF-2703
CH-Krystal-Bugger-Purple   CH Krystal Bugger Purple - RF-2704
CH-Krystal-Bugger-Red   CH Krystal Bugger Red - RF-2705
CH-Popsycle   CH Popsycle - RF-5905
ch-popsycle-black-white   CH Popsycle Black White - RF-5906
ch-popsycle-pink-black   CH Popsycle Pink Black - RF-5907
ch-popsycle-pink-orange   CH Popsycle Pink Orange - RF-5908
ch-popsycle-yellow-black   CH Popsycle Yellow Black - RF-5909
ch-popsycle-zonker   Ch Popsycle Zonker - RF-7608
ch-squirrel-zonker   Ch Squirrel Zonker - RF-6820
CH-Stonefly-Bugger   CH Stonefly Bugger - RF1921
CH-Woolly-Bugger-Black   CH Woolly Bugger Black - RF-2706
CH-Woolly-Bugger-Brown   CH Woolly Bugger Brown - RF-2707
CH-Woolly-Bugger-Olive   CH Woolly Bugger Olive - RF-2708
CH-Woolly-Bugger-Purple   CH Woolly Bugger Purple - RF-2709
CH-Woolly-Bugger-White   CH Woolly Bugger White - RF-2710
ch-zonker-blue   Ch Zonker Blue - RF-6830
ch-zonker-rust   Ch Zonker Rust - RF-6819
ch-zoo-cougar-olive   Ch Zoo Cougar Olive - RF-7410
ch-zoo-cougar-orange   Ch Zoo Cougar Orange - RF-7411
ch-zuddler-grizzly-rl   Ch Zuddler Grizzly Rl - RF-2733B
ch-zuddler-light-olive-rl   Ch Zuddler Light Olive Rl - RF-2735B
Chamois-Emerger-Olive   Chamois Emerger Olive - RF-2510
Chartreuse-Bunny-Pike-Fly   Chartreuse Bunny Pike Fly - RF-7016
Chartreuse-Cluster-Egg   Chartreuse Cluster Egg - RF-3595
chernobyl-ant-black-yellow   Chernobyl Ant Black & Yellow - Rf-6366
Chironomid-Black   Chironomid Black - RF-2910
Chironomid-Brown   Chironomid Brown - RF-2911
Chironomid-Olive   Chironomid Olive - RF-2912
Chironomid-Purple   Chironomid Purple - RF-2913
Chironomid-Red   Chironomid Red - RF-2914
Chironomid-Selection   Chironomid Selection - 16 Flies - RF-7504
chubby-chernobyl-ant-tan   Chubby Chernobyl Ant Tan - Rf-6368
Clarks-Little-Yellow-Stone   Clark's Little Yellow Stone - RF-5503
Clarks-Stonefly   Clark's Stonefly - RF-5504
Clouser   Clouser - RF-4900
Clouser-Crayfish   Clouser Crayfish - RF-4851
Clouser-Golden-Shiner   Clouser Golden Shiner - RF-4901
clouser-black-silver   Clouser Minnow Black & Silver - Rf-4898
Clouser-Minnow-Chartreuse   Clouser Minnow Chartreuse - RF-4902
Clouser-Minnow-Chartreuse-Bk   Clouser Minnow Chartreuse-Black - RF-4904
Clouser-Minnow-Chartreuse-Wte   Clouser Minnow Chartreuse-White - RF-4905
Clouser-Minnow-Olive-Black   Clouser Minnow Olive-Black - RF-4906
Clouser-Minnow-Orange-Brown   Clouser Minnow Orange-Brown - RF-4907
Clouser-Minnow-Red-White   Clouser Minnow Red-White - RF-4908
Clouser-Minnow-Sculpin   Clouser Minnow Sculpin - RF-4903
Clouser-Minnow-Selection   Clouser Minnow Selection - 9 Flies - RF-7505
Clouser-Minnow-White-Blue   Clouser Minnow White-Blue - RF-4909
Clouser-Minnow-White-Olive   Clouser Minnow White-Olive - RF-4910
Clouser-Minnow-Yellow-Brown   Clouser Minnow Yellow-Brown - RF-4911
Clouser-Orange-Brown   Clouser Orange Brown - RF-4899
clouser-orange-white   Clouser Orange White - RF-4964
clown-egg   Clown Egg - Rf-3634
Cockroach-Deceiver   Cockroach Deceiver - RF-4935
Colburn-Orange   Colburn Orange - RF-6217
Colburn-Red   Colburn Red - RF-6219
Colburn-Special   Colburn Special - RF-6218
Colonel-Bates-Spey   Colonel Bates Spey - RF-5810
Comparadun-Adams-Grey   Comparadun Adams Grey - RF-3931
Comparadun-Baetis-BWO   Comparadun Baetis (BWO) - RF-3932
comparadun-brown-drake   Comparadun Brown Drake - RF-3930
Comparadun-Callibaetis   Comparadun Callibaetis - RF-3933
Comparadun-PMD   Comparadun PMD - RF-3934
Comparadun-Sulpher   Comparadun Sulpher - RF-3935
CH-Bow-River-Bugger-Bwn-Bk   Conehead Bow River Bugger Brown RL - RF-2744
CH-Bow-River-Bugger-Olive   Conehead Bow River Bugger Olive RL - RF-2743
CH-Egg-Sucking-Leech-Bk-Orange   Conehead Egg Sucking Leech Black with Orange Head - RF-2724
CH-Egg-Sucking-Leech-Bk-Pink   Conehead Egg Sucking Leech Black with Pink Head - RF-2723
CH-Egg-Sucking-Leech-Bk-Red   Conehead Egg Sucking Leech Black with Red Head - RF-2725
CH-Egg-Sucking-Leech-Purp-Oran   Conehead Egg Sucking Leech Purple with Orange Head - RF-2727
CH-Egg-Sucking-Leech-Purp-Pink   Conehead Egg Sucking Leech Purple with Pink Head - RF-2726
CH-Egg-Sucking-Leech-Purp-Red   Conehead Egg Sucking Leech Purple with Red Head - RF-2728
CH-Flesh-Fly-Black   Conehead Flesh Fly Black - RF-5815M
CH-Flesh-Fly-Bright-Pink   Conehead Flesh Fly Bright Pink - RF-5815I
CH-Flesh-Fly-Olive-Yellow   Conehead Flesh Fly Olive and Yellow - RF-5815K
CH-Flesh-Fly-Purple-Black   Conehead Flesh Fly Purple and Black - RF-5815J
CH-Flesh-Fly-White   Conehead Flesh Fly White - RF-5815L
CH-Flesh-Fly-White-Grizzly   Conehead Flesh Fly White and Grizzly - RF-5815N
CH-Krystal-Bugger-Chartreuse   Conehead Krystal Bugger Chartreuse - RF-2702
CH-Krystal-Bugger-White   Conehead Krystal Bugger White - RF-2713
CH-Krystal-Bugger-Yellow   Conehead Krystal Bugger Yellow - RF-2712
Conehead-Muddler-Minnow   Conehead Muddler Minnow - RF-2714
CH-Muddler-Minnow-Marabou-Blk   Conehead Muddler Minnow Marabou Black - RF-2715
CH-Muddler-Minnow-Marabou-Brn   Conehead Muddler Minnow Marabou Brown - RF-2718
CH-Muddler-Minnow-Marabou-Olv   Conehead Muddler Minnow Marabou Olive - RF-2717
CH-Muddler-Minnow-Marabou-Wht   Conehead Muddler Minnow Marabou White - RF-2716
CH-Woolly-Bugger-Yellow   Conehead Woolly Bugger Yellow - RF-2711
CH-Zonker-Black   Conehead Zonker Weighted Black - RF-6810
CH-Zonker-Grizzly   Conehead Zonker Weighted Grizzly - RF-6811
CH-Zonker-Natural Pearl   Conehead Zonker Weighted Natural Pearl - RF-6812
CH-Zonker-Olive   Conehead Zonker Weighted Olive - RF-6813
CH-Zonker-Purple   Conehead Zonker Weighted Purple - RF-6814
CH-Zonker-Silver   Conehead Zonker Weighted Silver - RF-6815
CH-Zonker-White   Conehead Zonker Weighted White - RF-6816
CH-Zuddler-Black   Conehead Zuddler Black - RF-2730
CH-Zuddler-Black-RL   Conehead Zuddler Black Rubber Legged - RF-2734
CH-Zuddler-Brown   Conehead Zuddler Brown - RF-2731
CH-Zuddler-Brown-RL   Conehead Zuddler Brown Rubber Legged - RF-2736
Conehead-Zuddler-Chartreuse   Conehead Zuddler Chartreuse - RF-2729
CH-Zuddler-Grizzly   Conehead Zuddler Grizzly - RF-2733
CH-Zuddler-Olive   Conehead Zuddler Olive - RF-2732
CH-Zuddler-Olive-RL   Conehead Zuddler Olive Rubber Legged - RF-2735
CH-Zuddler-Pink   Conehead Zuddler Pink with RL - RF-2738
CH-Zuddler-Purple   Conehead Zuddler Purple with RL - RF-2739
CH-Zuddler-White-RL   Conehead Zuddler White Rubber Legged - RF-2737
Conehead-Zuddler-Yellow   Conehead Zuddler Yellow - RF-2739b
Connie-River-Special   Connie River Special - RF-6068
Copper-and-Partridge   Copper and Partridge - RF-6527
Copper-Rat   Copper Rat - RF-6240
Cosseboom   Cosseboom - RF-6221
Cosseboom-Black   Cosseboom Black - RF-6012
Cosseboom-Fluorescent-Green   Cosseboom Fluorescent Green - RF-6222
Cosseboom-Gold   Cosseboom Gold - RF-6223
Cosseboom-Miramichi   Cosseboom Miramichi - RF-6011
Cosseboom-Traditional   Cosseboom Traditional - RF-6013
Cottonmouth-Snakey   Cottonmouth Snakey - RF-7005
Cray-Fish-Selection   Cray Fish Selection - 8 Flies - RF-7506
Crazy-Charlie-Brown   Crazy Charlie Brown - RF-4950
Crazy-Charlie-Chartreuse   Crazy Charlie Chartreuse - RF-4951
Crazy-Charlie-Grizzly   Crazy Charlie Grizzly - RF-4952
Crazy-Charlie-Pink   Crazy Charlie Pink - RF-4953
Crazy-Charlie-Tan   Crazy Charlie Tan - RF-4954
Crazy-Charlie-White   Crazy Charlie White - RF-4955
Crazy-Charlie-Wine   Crazy Charlie Wine - RF-4956
Crazy-Charlie-Yellow   Crazy Charlie Yellow - RF-4957
crossfield   Crossfield (Salmon Hook) - Rf-6152
crystal-hares-ear-chartreuse   Crystal Hares Ear Chartreuse - RF-3711
czech-nymph-gold-ribbed   Czech Nymph Gold Ribbed - RF-9970
czech-nymph-tan   Czech Nymph Tan - RF-9971
daddy-long-legs   Daddy Long Legs - RF-3975
Damsel-Nymph-Brown   Damsel Nymph Brown - RF-3303
Damsel-Nymph-Green   Damsel Nymph Green - RF-3304
Damsel-Nymph-Olive   Damsel Nymph Olive - RF-3305
Damsel-Nymph-Tan   Damsel Nymph Tan - RF-3306
Damselfly-Nymph   Damselfly Nymph - RF-3307
Dancing-Caddis   Dancing Caddis - RF-2314
Dark-Angel-Spey   Dark Angel Spey - RF-5812
Dark-Brown-Spinner   Dark Brown Spinner - RF-3940
Dark-Caddis   Dark Caddis - RF-2315
Dark-Cahill   Dark Cahill - RF-3107
Dark-Cahill-Parachute   Dark Cahill Parachute - RF-3108
Dark-Hendrickson-Dry   Dark Hendrickson Dry - RF-3943
dark-hendrickson-ext-body   Dark Hendrickson Ext Body - RF-3907
Dark-Hendrickson-Wet   Dark Hendrickson Wet - RF-6530
Dark-Roe-Nuke   Dark Roe Nuke - RF-3567
Dark-Wet-Stone   Dark Wet Stone - RF-6531
Daves-Hopper   Dave's Hopper - RF-6320
Daves-Hopper-Green   Dave's Hopper Green - RF-6321
Daves-Hopper-Orange   Dave's Hopper Orange - RF-6322
Daves-Hopper-Yellow   Dave's Hopper Yellow - RF-6323
Daves-Woolly-Worm   Dave's Woolly Worm - RF-2166
dbh-hares-ear-stonefly   Dbh Hares Ear Stonefly - RF-1927
dbh-pheasant-tail-Olive   DBH Pheasant Tail Nymph Olive - RF-5457
dbh-pheasant-tail-orange   DBH Pheasant Tail Nymph Orange - RF-5458
dbh-pheasant-tail-pink   DBH Pheasant Tail Nymph Pink - RF-5459
Deceiver-Blue-Grizzly   Deceiver Blue Grizzly - RF-4933
Deceiver-Blue-White   Deceiver Blue White - RF-4932
Deceiver-Cockroach   Deceiver Cockroach - RF-4935
Deceiver-Green-White   Deceiver Green White - RF-4937
Deceiver-Grizzly-Blue   Deceiver Grizzly Blue - RF-4933
Deceiver-Olive-White   Deceiver Olive White - RF-4937
Deceiver-Red-White-Yellow   Deceiver Red White Yellow - RF-4939
Deceiver-Red-Yellow   Deceiver Red Yellow - RF-4934
Deep-Sparkle-Pupa-Green   Deep Sparkle Pupa Green - RF-2514
Deep-Sparkle-Pupa-Grey   Deep Sparkle Pupa Grey - RF-2515
Deer-Hair-Bug   Deer Hair Bug - RF-5370
Deer-Hair-Caddis   Deer Hair Caddis - RF-2316
Deluxe-Egg-Selection   Deluxe Egg Selection - 12 Flies - RF-7507
Deluxe-Tying-Kit   Deluxe Fly Tying Kit
Diving-Caddis-Olive   Diving Caddis Olive - RF-2519

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