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Boney Baitfish White - RF-7222 ReelFlies™ Stinger Chart White - RF-7278 ReelFlies™ Stinger Grey - RF-7276
Fly Price: $2.45
Fly Price: $2.95
Fly Price: $2.95
Boney Baitfish White Reelflies Stinger Chart White Reelflies Stinger Grey
The White Boney Baitfish is a deadly addition to our already robust Boney Baitfish collection. In a pristine white, this Boney Baitfish has proven to be the go to choice for Steelhead, Rainbow, and Bull Trout. The realistic Fish-Skull head allows the Boney Baitfish to navigate fast waters and get down to the proper depths that you're looking to hit. Our selection of stinger flies gets a whole lot more robust with the addition of the Reelflies Stinger. The flowing Chartreuse White colours cut through the water with a flash attracting attention from all sides. The ReelFlies Stinger is a potent addition to the ReelFlies arsenal. The seductive movement of this 6” monster is sure to entice great action, and the stinger hook will give any tail nippers something to think about. A realistic FishMask, subtle red belly flash, and rubber legs, make the ReelFlies Stinger a potent addition to any flybox.
ReelFlies™ Stinger Olive - RF-7277 Dolly Llamma Chartreuse - RF-7031 Dolly Llamma Olive - RF-7032
Fly Price: $2.95
Fly Price: $2.95
Fly Price: $2.95
Reelflies Stinger Olive Dolly Llamma Chartreuse Dolly Llamma Olive
An exciting Stinger fly, the ReelFlies Stinger is one of our deadliest and most versatile streamer patterns. The FishMask head allows you to hit the shallow areas, and the realistic and lively movement will get the attention you’re looking for. Measuring up to 6”, the ReelFlies Stinger cannot be ignored. The Dolly Llamma is a unique fly that originally found success in the chilly waters of Alaska. It has since migrated south and has repeated its northerly success. The distinct colouring and stinger hook have made the Dolly Llamma an ideal pick for the Trout and Salmon of many waters and seasons. A seductive new streamer from the waters of Alaska, the Dolly Llamma gives lively action in the water thanks to its abundantly streaming rabbit fur. Measuring in at over 5”, the Dolly Llamma is irresistible to many fish species, and its stinger hook will give those tail nippers something to think about.
Dolly Llamma Perch - RF-7030 Dolly Llamma Pink Barred - RF-7033 Dolly Llamma Purple White - RF-7034
Fly Price: $2.95
Fly Price: $2.95
Fly Price: $2.95
Dolly Llamma Perch Dolly Llamma Pink Barred Dolly Llamma Purple White
The Dolly Llamma Perch is a 5” killer that combines the deadly capability of a stinger hook, a FishMask head, and vibrant barred rabbit fur. An extremely versatile pattern,  initially coming from in Alaska, the bright colours and flashy pearl braid of the Dolly Llamma will attract a wide range of species all over the world. The unique family of Dolly Llamma flies gets even more diverse with the Pink Barred Dolly Llamma. The pink barring on the supple rabbit fur augments the already lively movement of the Dolly Llamma and makes this fly irresistible to first strikes. At more than 5" in length, this Dolly Llamma is guaranteed to draw attention. The Dolly Llamma is a deadly stinger streamer that uses more than 5” of natural rabbit fur to make the maximum impact on the water you’re fishing. Impossible to ignore, the lightweigh FishMask head allows for more versatility in low water conditions, or add weight to hit the depths desired.
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